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Tidal Dreamings Surf and Yoga Retreats- Australia

5 Mar

Woman practicing Yoga

The retreats are open for anyone with or without prior experience, men or women, old or young, and beginner or advanced practitioner. Every student is guaranteed with personal attention that maximum six students per instructor are assigned. Following are the activities the retreat offers:

Surfing: Surfing course is conducted in conjunction with Broulee surf School and the instructors are well experienced. All coaches are qualified life guards with many supportive skills such as first aid. One main focus is learning new breaks with support of yoga and gaining much water time in concentration to the beginner. Their locations are well suited for this kind of surfs and waters are sand bottom and safe. Continue reading


The Discovery Yoga Center

4 Mar

the discovery yoga center

St. Augustine, Florida, United Sates based The Discovery Yoga center is won a name for its unique and well-designed yoga class series. Their Yoga center and retreat is charming. It is an affiliate of Kripalu Center. Very near to shops, restaurants and beaches they claim the title of Beautiful Yoga center of the area which gives you feelings homelike. The staff is skilled and compassionate. The courses are in variety. They are in six. The beginner course provides in depth knowledge on yoga and the gentle course is easy and relaxing. Vigorous course is a fun for the practitioner while having a challenge with awareness and relaxation. All levels course gives you the opportunity to participate in a class that fits for your expertise. Multi-Level class required experience prior to enter and it is for yogi who has a depth understanding yet wants to receive much practice. All classes are conducted by certified teachers who have been accredited with Kripalu center. In addition it is offered a range of workshops that are attracting many people from world apart. Continue reading

Simple Breathing Exercise:

3 Mar

breathing exercise stage oneMethod1:

This method trains one in the art of being aware of sensations in the lungs; it leads to even breathing. The effects of this stage are to make one attentive, to invigorate the nerves, any hardness in the lung is loosened and the lungs are prepared for deep breathing.


  • Lie down, keeping the body in a straight line. Do not cave in the rib cage. Close the eyes without tensing the eyeballs, keep them passive and receptive, and direct the gaze inwards. Keep the inner ears alert and receptive.
  • Breathe normally. Consciously observe and feel the flow of breath throughout the body. Continue reading

Breathing Technique

2 Mar

breathingA. This preparatory stage trains one to lengthen the duration of each in-breath and to learn the art of inhalation. The emphasis here is on slow, deep and steady inhalations.

The effect of this stage is that the nervous system is invigorated and confidence is instilled. The practice is good for those suffering from low blood pressure, asthma and depression.


  • Lie down on the ground and then exhale quietly until the lungs feel empty, but without pressing down upon the abdominal organs.
  • Relax the diaphragm and stretch it sideways while you breathe in, without inflating the abdomen. Do not allow the diaphragm to roll or to move the floating ribs.
  • Take a slow, deep and steady in-breath carefully through the nose and make sure that both lungs fill evenly. Listen to the sound and maintain its rhythm. Continue reading

Samudra Yoga Retreat Center

1 Mar

Woman practicing meditation

As this short name famous for yoga its facilities are being large as samudra which is the Sanskrit mane to ocean. Located in the mid of Dunsborough , Perth, Australia it is an ideal place to relax and unwind. Samudra has two stunning yoga studios. The cafeteria which serves vegetarian foods is an ornament to Samudra. They are a well-established group of respected teachers who is being versed with Ashtanga Yoga, health, nutrition and sustainable living. Their intention to bind the experience of the ocean and the body is set up as their vision. Their highly experienced academic staff aims to give the clients tools to develop your yoga practice and mind. As ocean waves you will nourish yourselves with wholesome foods they provide. Continue reading

The Govinda Valley Retreat Center

28 Feb

Woman practicing YogaThe Retreat Center located in Australia at beautiful forest woodland of thirty acres. Relatively small but well facilitated center suitable for luxury type retreat that allows accommodating fifty six guests at a time. The main building with dining, balcony, massage room and two beautiful lit yoga halls is available for welcome visitors year round. There are some other items decorating the retreat center. They a conference room, various sized bedrooms, private bathrooms and other sanitary facilities of luxury class. Organic garden and small amphitheater are beautifying the retreat center. Upstairs yoga hall is sixty five square meters and downstairs yoga hall is one hundred and thirty five square meters. These are suitable to practice yoga by one hundred and sixty six people at a time. Floor to ceiling windows will ventilate the yoga halls well.  Continue reading

Radiance Yoga Retreats

27 Feb

Radiance retreats

Jessie Chapman the founder of Radiance Yoga Retreats has been teaching yoga for ten years. And its staff is the secret of the success of Radiance Yoga Retreats. The company based in Byron Bay, Australia while has many branches around the Asia and Europe.Retreats pack is comprised with a quality yoga exercises, beach walks and nature tours guided staff officers of Radiance, hiking, massage and spa retreats, core strength classes, meditation with guide, lifestyle discussions on nutrition and health, yoga nidra at evening, cultural tours, cookery classes, bhajan sessions and yoga dances. You will be provided healthy meals and cleansing juices. All the events are inspired by beautiful locations they are organized.   Continue reading