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Yamas and Niyamas

30 Nov

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Yamas (universal principles)

Ahimsa: kindness, non-violence, compassion for oneself and for others. Be aware of how we treat ourselves, others and the environment. No harm ( Ahimsa ) is the fundamental attitude. Actually, it is not possible act without causing absolutely no harm, the recommendation is to always choose the action less harmful to others.

Satya: truth of thought, speech and communication. Judge words before to say them. You have to tell the truth when and only when it is good for others. Communicate honestly. Follow this rule in each and every aspect of your life. Be honest, be truthful, be kind.

Asteya: do not steal, do not take what is not belong to you. Theft is the result of believing that we lack something, which is contrary to the universal law of abundance. Continue reading


Weekly Yoga Glossary-40 important yoga words srarting with A

27 Nov
  1. Abhasa [pronunciation: aabhaas]: reflection of consciousness
  2. Abhijna [ubhij^na]: direct perception
  3. Abhimana [ubhimaan]: attachment
  4. Abhyasa [ubhyaas]: practice
  5. Abhyasi [ubhyaasi]: one who practices achala [uchul]: unmoving; hill or mountain achit [uchit]: not sentient
  6. Acharya [uchurya]: scholar, learned man; a term of respect
  7. Adhama [ ]: lowest grade
  8. Adhara [aadhaar]: support
  9. Adhishtana [udhishthaan]: substratum adhridha [udhr^dh]: weak; not firm Adhyaropa [udhyaarop]: superimposition adhyasika [udhyaasik]: superimposed
  10. Advaita [udvait]: non-duality; incorrectly termed monism; a system of thought and a vedantist sect founded by Shankara
  11. Advaitin [ ]: non-dualist
  12. Adya [aadyaa]: primordial; original
  13. Adyatmika sakti [aadyaatmik sh^akti]: power of the Self
  14. Agami (a. karma) [aagaami karm]: actions of the present life expected to bear fruit in future births
  15. Agni [ ]: fire Continue reading

What is Hatha Yoga?

18 Nov

When talking about yoga in a generic sense, we are usually referring to a rather specific yogic tradition: the physical yoga. Within the broad spectrum of elements of this philosophy and science, the practice of postures , (also called asanas, which is its name in Sanskrit) sequences, breathing, cleaning and mudras, has a particular name: hatha yoga.

The origin of the word hatha is a good starting point to figure out what is really this style of yoga, which is much deeper, spiritual and powerful than you may believe. Really its scope and rationale of a simple overflow the exercise system. Hatha is said that roughly translated as strength or will. This, in a sense both in relation to the body as applied to life. Hatha yoga strengthens the body and the will because it is a discipline that requires commitment, but also strengthens the capacity of equanimity and listen to the wisdom of universal consciousness. It is a way to explore the potential of the body and mind. Continue reading

Yoga and Longevity

13 Nov

Yoga teaches five basic secrets that human beings need to have a long life in good health:

Breathing correctly,

Sleeping properly

Positive thinking

Enough nutrition and

Proper relaxation

Correct breathing: Meaning a conscious breathing, slow and deep. There are hundreds of exercises in Pranayama techniques, from the simplest to the most complex, you can choose those that are less complicated and well suited to your capacity. In Yoga, breathing is always nasal (both inhalation and exhalation) and is attributed greater importance to exhalation, because it helps the elimination of toxins, stress, negative thoughts. Regular practice increases our ability to breathe through the opening of the ribs, and also makes air retention when the technique requires. Performing breathing exercises daily, also allows the purification of the blood, improves brain function, and more importantly, the recovers the energy we consume in our daily activity. Continue reading

Yoga and Nutrition

10 Nov

Regular practice of yoga makes you more aware of the influence that diet has on your body. Foods have a lot of impacts on your body. Choose those products that have a good effect on your body. If your diet is balanced, the body will remain slim, healthy and energetic.

Three Gunas

According to yogic philosophy there are three gunas. Everything, including food, in the universe contains these three properties.


Hot, bitter, sour, dry or salty flavors.

Under rajas food fall coffee, tea, chocolate, eggs, salt, fish, hot spices.

This guna can make you restless and tensed.  But can energize when you feel lethargic.


Acid, dry, old.

Under tamas food fall alcohol, onion, garlic, overripe fruit, reheated food, meat.

This power reinforces negative feelings with someone with a personality tamas, but can improve negative feelings with a person with  rajas personality. Continue reading

Yoga to Improve Circulation

3 Nov

Blood circulation is essential for a healthy body. Every cell in the body needs to received oxygen and nutrients. Blood rich in oxygen is sent to the body organs, tissues and cells to nourish them, and the waste products that result are disposed of through the same system. Not only is blood responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to each of the trillions of cells in the body, it is also responsible for carrying toxins and waste out of the body. Clearly, then, inadequate circulation causes many health problems. Proper blood flow is absolutely essential to living a healthy life, and must therefore not be neglected. Continue reading

How to Find Best Yoga Mats

2 Nov

While choosing yoga mats it’s very important to know how to find the best one. Importance of Yoga mats lie in the ideal support and cushioning that it provides between you and the hard floor. A good quality yoga mat is essential for your practice. It’s not just for comfort or ease it’s also for safety. Having a good yoga mat can make a huge difference in your practice. Many poses are made more comfortable by using a mat, as well as saving the back, knee, and hips from pressing against the floor for too long. There are 3 factors you should consider while purchasing a yoga mat. Continue reading