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Power Stretching for Total Fitness

1 Aug

Most people think that power stretching involves doing yoga on some beach in Tahiti. In these sessions you can here words like “core,” “inner peace,” and “spiritual essence” tossed around with no regard for they really mean. The reason why? Because instructors of those courses want you to feel like you are improving yourself through a few stretch and reach exercises while sitting in some dimly lit room inhaling incense and listening to new age music. Well, such exercises have never done a damn thing for anybody. Continue reading


Yoga for Ultimate Fitness

28 Jul

Yoga has gained a huge following from those in the Western world. This form of meditation were actually practiced by early Indus Valley civilizations so they could reach a higher plane of consciousness. Yogis were able to attain enlightenment by disciplining all aspects of their personality- body, mind and spirit. Continue reading

Some Important Tips on Yoga and Pranayama

28 Jul

Yoga and breathing have an incredible power to naturally reduce stress and relax the muscles in the body as well as calm the mind. When you undertake a focused routine, you can find yourself feeling renewed and refreshed. Meditating with a proper routine is shown to be a great stress reducing technique for daily life. Continue reading