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Costa Rica Yoga Therapy Tamarindo

11 Mar

Woman practicing camel pose

The blessed land and sea of Costa Rica is awaiting your move there to relax and return to source. Costa Rica Yoga Therapy Tamarindo has an idea of creating a new world with new wave of yoga programs. They are continuously changing and improving in order to meet the targets in yoga world as they acknowledged in their vision. You will learn how to open and balance the energy centers of the body and the astral body. Now you about to start to,

  • Healing your own body,
  • Increase spine and joint flexibility,
  • Monitoring agelessness and the agedness,
  • Improve your skin health and keep it in a level of healthy,
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and improve brain function,
  • Regulate the thyroid function, and
  • Balance the hormone levels of your body. Continue reading

Gaia Retreat and Spa

9 Mar

A young woman in a bath full of flowers

The Gaia Retreat and Spa founded by Olivia Newton-John, Gregg Cave, Warwick Evans and Ruth Kalinin in it is offering individualized programs of Yoga and Spa for international community. Gregg is your master of care take account of your wellbeing at Gaia arranges great hospitality for every guest.The entire team of Gaia is committee to serve you with gracious hospitality with the leadership of Gregg as I mentioned. Byron Bay region, which the Gaia situated, is inspired to its healing culture while it produces organic local and fresh food for you. It is not just a holiday plan yet a unique retreat and spa with a heart. At Gaia, you have all things at your choice. All events are optional and your choice is the best selection because every item is design as first in the class. Continue reading

Tidal Dreamings Surf and Yoga Retreats- Australia

5 Mar

Woman practicing Yoga

The retreats are open for anyone with or without prior experience, men or women, old or young, and beginner or advanced practitioner. Every student is guaranteed with personal attention that maximum six students per instructor are assigned. Following are the activities the retreat offers:

Surfing: Surfing course is conducted in conjunction with Broulee surf School and the instructors are well experienced. All coaches are qualified life guards with many supportive skills such as first aid. One main focus is learning new breaks with support of yoga and gaining much water time in concentration to the beginner. Their locations are well suited for this kind of surfs and waters are sand bottom and safe. Continue reading

The Discovery Yoga Center

4 Mar

the discovery yoga center

St. Augustine, Florida, United Sates based The Discovery Yoga center is won a name for its unique and well-designed yoga class series. Their Yoga center and retreat is charming. It is an affiliate of Kripalu Center. Very near to shops, restaurants and beaches they claim the title of Beautiful Yoga center of the area which gives you feelings homelike. The staff is skilled and compassionate. The courses are in variety. They are in six. The beginner course provides in depth knowledge on yoga and the gentle course is easy and relaxing. Vigorous course is a fun for the practitioner while having a challenge with awareness and relaxation. All levels course gives you the opportunity to participate in a class that fits for your expertise. Multi-Level class required experience prior to enter and it is for yogi who has a depth understanding yet wants to receive much practice. All classes are conducted by certified teachers who have been accredited with Kripalu center. In addition it is offered a range of workshops that are attracting many people from world apart. Continue reading