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Connect With What Matters

4 Dec


Zen Connection was founded on the guiding principles of the yamas and niyamas found in Pataniali’s Yoga Sutra. Virtues of compassion, truthfulness, non-stealing and being grounded on the bedrock of ethical behavior are the foundation of our company.

Many people come to yoga initially for the physical exercise and only later begin to understand the profound spiritual effect it has on our lives.  We are devoted to creating and manufacturing products that help yoga and sports enthusiast focus on their practice and not worry about their equipment.  These products tie together technology and yoga practices to promote modern convenience for a relaxing lifestyle.  We view technology as a means to simplify life so you can focus on what matters.

Based in Monterey, California, Zen Connection was founded on the shores of the peaceful bay community that provides much spiritual enlightenment and connection to an international community.  It is this community that provides inspiration and a strong connection to healthier living and sustainability of our environment.

We look forward to helping you find your own Zen Connection and sharing your stories with us.

Lose Weight with Yoga

23 Nov

According to Ayurveda, it’s not about losing weight. It’s about changing that tendency to gain weight. And in order to do that, one has to adopt a new lifestyle altogether. Yoga and ayurveda can help you accomplish that. Before we talk about how to lose weight, let’s comprehend why we have ended up with excess weight. Weight gain is the outcome of leading a lifestyle where you get in more calories than you need. Continue reading

The Best Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

15 Aug

The search for the best yoga asanas for weight loss has in the last few years increased. This article looks at their benefits to the whole being. This art has developed from the traditional poses which involved sitting in a still yet firm position for hours on end.

Even with the changes they still follow simple basic rules like control of breath. They also need one to focus on your body as you burn those calories away. The various variations are discussed below. Continue reading

Hypnotherapy-smartest way to lose weight

9 Aug

Throughout history, humans have tried nearly all possible ways to shed pounds. You might feel as though you have tried everything yourself, but have you considered self-hypnosis for losing weight?

It works for many folks, but not for everybody. However the success rate is sufficient to make hypnotherapy a practical weight-loss technique. Continue reading

Some Weight loss Secrets

31 Jul

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know how important it is that you prepare mentally as well as physically. Asanas for weight loss can help you achieve your fitness goals. These yoga postures involve practicing positions that will improve your flexibility and mindfulness. Continue reading

Yoga for losing weight

31 Jul

Obesity is the physical manifestation of deeper psychological issues. As a result, your body becomes a victim of poor eating habits which won’t be fixed until you fix the deep seated issues. A lack of exercise is of course a factor as well. If you are battling deeper psychological issues and weight problems, yoga is a good option for fixing both at once.

Acceptance is key. Until you affirm that you are too heavy, you will not try to become toned and healthy so with dignity recognize weight problems. Focus on modest modifications in how you live to get started with weight-loss. Physique tightening commences within Ten days of any new work out routine. When you try out several yoga asanas, you will feel lighter. However stay consistent with the training, as weight-loss takes time. Continue reading