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The PachaMama

12 Mar

Woman practicing intense stretching

The PachaMama village is devoted to yoga exercise. PachaMama is a non-for profit organization, which its income goes to develop the village, and volunteers from the village are working for the PachaMama themselves.

The village Apartado is the responsible to this volunteer operating organization, which has grown as a leading service provider in Costa Rica. The yoga practice has become a strong pillar of the village life. The organization gives support to consistent yoga study with delicious diets, raw food and meditative background. The villagers are used to have those norms are practicing regularly and they become yogis who live with a yogic lifestyle. They used to practice some complementary healing processes too. A transformative potential with this complete experience of yoga practice has been grown. The non-dogmatic approach, which lay according to ancient traditions, has developed with modern western teachers’ creativity. Therefore, this ancient science will evolve accordingly. A series of yoga retreats, workshops and courses are conduct year around with regular daily yoga classes and bi-annual yoga-teacher-training course. Villagers welcome the visitors and they offered with enjoyment of natural beauty of forest nearby and the beach while meeting them in personal capacity and celebrating, retreating and grouping. Continue reading

Sewall House Yoga Retreat

10 Mar

Woman practicing Lord Shiva's pose

The historic Sewall House Yoga Retreat is located in Island Falls, Maine, United States. It has entered into the National Register of Historic Places and, as Mr. William Sewall, as the first post office in, founded it, Island falls. It was 1865.That is the story behind Theodore Roosevelt’s success since his success attributed to success as a yoga practitioner. Young Theodore met the William and the friendship was so powerful and fruitful for both of them. In 1887, William built Theodore’s ranch at North Dakota.William Sewall taught Theodore Roosevelt the wonders, beauty, and healing attributes of nature.  The place, which has filled with natural beauty you, can see the first rays in every morning, which kisses white sandy beaches of the Island. You may enjoy nearby thick forest and wildlife.You can experience serenity and solitude and be away from daily sufferings. You are to meet Donna Davidge, granddaughter of Sewall as your yoga mistress there. Come on. All levels are welcome. Continue reading

Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Center

8 Mar

Woman practicing tree pose

Operating in two locations of Australia, Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Center offers retreats to international community with its unique and precious name. Its Semaphore center located at 79 of the Military Road while Lokananda Center located at 9, Main Street, Point Pass.

What is Shiva Yoga? Shiva Yoga is an ancient tradition of yoga, which allows you to attain higher consciousness and wisdom within yourself. It includes certain groups of meditation, self-inquiry and yoga asana, pranayama and relaxation exercises. The chief of the Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation is Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shankarananda who formally known as Swamiji. He is the author of many books. ‘Happy for No Good Reason’ is one his titles. There are other notable proponents who are the co-workers of Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Center are, Devi Ma alias BhairaviAnanda, Swami Dayananda and Nancy Jackson.  Continue reading

The Expanding LightAnanda Retreats

7 Mar

Woman practicing warrior pose

Ananda means joy or happiness. The Expanding Light welcomes you to receive joy, love and inner peace with Ananda. As to the company slogan, you are welcomed to discover and share a path to a better world. So many strategies lay down to achieve the aim. First, one is to expand the sense of harmony. Then he is to gain an increased sense of love of God which presence in his life. What is the next? It is to meet challenges and victories of one’s own journey of spiritual life. How can this be attaining? By practicing effective techniques, one can attain this. What are the effective techniques? The effective techniques one can practice are meditation, kriya yoga, hatha yoga, community and divine friendship.In order that achieve this target, one must have good supportive background. Family, friends and other supportive are very helpful. Continue reading

Flo Fenton Intouch Yoga Byron Bay Australia

6 Mar

Flo Fenton  Intouch Yoga Byron Bay Australia

Flo Fenton is a name with widely spreading with yoga today throughout the Australia. Flo Fenton has been practicing yoga for 22 years. She began in 1991 and became a teacher in 1997.  Flo was a United Kingdom born and lived until she started yoga journey in India and Nepal in age 23. In her early student life, she had spent much time to learn yoga, on various teachers from many traditions, and learned every kind of yoga. Finally, she settled in Australia where her second abode and started her journey with teaching. She has completed a number of yoga courses taught by renowned teachers of Australia as well. She is in postgraduate level now. Due to the widest knowledge of her teachers from India, Nepal and Australia, Flo has a wide range of expertise in yoga. She is fond of continuing yoga education. Flo is a master of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Satyananda yoga. Moreover, her focus on finding the natural ease with yoga postures gave her good harvest of the relationship of body with the state of mind.  Flo Fenton is regular contributor to Australian Yoga Life Magazine and Nature and Health Magazine. Continue reading

Samudra Yoga Retreat Center

1 Mar

Woman practicing meditation

As this short name famous for yoga its facilities are being large as samudra which is the Sanskrit mane to ocean. Located in the mid of Dunsborough , Perth, Australia it is an ideal place to relax and unwind. Samudra has two stunning yoga studios. The cafeteria which serves vegetarian foods is an ornament to Samudra. They are a well-established group of respected teachers who is being versed with Ashtanga Yoga, health, nutrition and sustainable living. Their intention to bind the experience of the ocean and the body is set up as their vision. Their highly experienced academic staff aims to give the clients tools to develop your yoga practice and mind. As ocean waves you will nourish yourselves with wholesome foods they provide. Continue reading

The Govinda Valley Retreat Center

28 Feb

Woman practicing YogaThe Retreat Center located in Australia at beautiful forest woodland of thirty acres. Relatively small but well facilitated center suitable for luxury type retreat that allows accommodating fifty six guests at a time. The main building with dining, balcony, massage room and two beautiful lit yoga halls is available for welcome visitors year round. There are some other items decorating the retreat center. They a conference room, various sized bedrooms, private bathrooms and other sanitary facilities of luxury class. Organic garden and small amphitheater are beautifying the retreat center. Upstairs yoga hall is sixty five square meters and downstairs yoga hall is one hundred and thirty five square meters. These are suitable to practice yoga by one hundred and sixty six people at a time. Floor to ceiling windows will ventilate the yoga halls well.  Continue reading

Radiance Yoga Retreats

27 Feb

Radiance retreats

Jessie Chapman the founder of Radiance Yoga Retreats has been teaching yoga for ten years. And its staff is the secret of the success of Radiance Yoga Retreats. The company based in Byron Bay, Australia while has many branches around the Asia and Europe.Retreats pack is comprised with a quality yoga exercises, beach walks and nature tours guided staff officers of Radiance, hiking, massage and spa retreats, core strength classes, meditation with guide, lifestyle discussions on nutrition and health, yoga nidra at evening, cultural tours, cookery classes, bhajan sessions and yoga dances. You will be provided healthy meals and cleansing juices. All the events are inspired by beautiful locations they are organized.   Continue reading

Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat

26 Feb

Woman practicing YogaMara Staffieri and JanardhanMcInosh are the co-founders of Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation retreat. Mara is the Managing Director and she was teaching in Prema Shanti over ten years. She began her yoga practice in 1986 and her yoga philosophy is significantly influenced by Iyengar, Ashtanga and Satyananda types of yoga. Mara is finished teaching a Diploma Course at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in New Zealand recently. Over the past twenty years in practicing and teaching yoga she has gathered sound teaching style her own and unique with sound anatomical and psychological way. The cornerstone her philosophy is that her believe that yoga must be understood by body and it is not a mind game. The dynamic and conscious practice of postures and breathing with meditation helps her theory. She emphasizes intention. It is alone can be win half of the game. She is fond of biomechanical principles. The retreat center was created to facilitate her teaching method and it is holding retreats in both Australia and New Zealand. The teachings of Yoga Sutra are her basement of courses while practice is mainly focused on Vinyasa, Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga.  Continue reading

Byron Yoga Center

25 Feb

Woman practicing yoga

Byron Yoga center has been opened in 1988 by the founder John Ogilvie. It is now among one of the longest running yoga schools of the Australia. This studio offers many courses including daily yoga classes. Yoga workshops are at your option list as well. Annual yoga and health retreats are their two of most attracting packages while fully accredited yoga classes allow one to attain certificate on teaching or therapy. They may be access by 200 hour and 500 hour options. There is a motivation to them teaching yoga while giving the benefits and while receiving the different kinds of benefits. Continue reading