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Connect With What Matters

4 Dec


Zen Connection was founded on the guiding principles of the yamas and niyamas found in Pataniali’s Yoga Sutra. Virtues of compassion, truthfulness, non-stealing and being grounded on the bedrock of ethical behavior are the foundation of our company.

Many people come to yoga initially for the physical exercise and only later begin to understand the profound spiritual effect it has on our lives.  We are devoted to creating and manufacturing products that help yoga and sports enthusiast focus on their practice and not worry about their equipment.  These products tie together technology and yoga practices to promote modern convenience for a relaxing lifestyle.  We view technology as a means to simplify life so you can focus on what matters.

Based in Monterey, California, Zen Connection was founded on the shores of the peaceful bay community that provides much spiritual enlightenment and connection to an international community.  It is this community that provides inspiration and a strong connection to healthier living and sustainability of our environment.

We look forward to helping you find your own Zen Connection and sharing your stories with us.

Common Poses and Things to Note

3 Dec

bikram yoga


  1. Tadasana .– Kyphosis, lordosis, flaring of the ribs, head position
  2. Virabhadrasana II .– Knee position, Feet position, Back foot position, Arm position if straining, movement of the 3 parts of the spine, Ribs, Pelvis girdle,) shoulders above the hips, arm height
  3. Parivitta Trikonasana, – hips square, and leg length shorter if back problems, etc , 3 parts of the pose, use of blocks, and where they are in the pose, breath etc. Continue reading

Must Know Information for A Yoga Instructor

3 Dec

sample fmc3

  1. If they look safe and happy and reasonably well aligned, leave them alone.
  2. Always ask permission to touch a student
  3. Give students permission to refuse your touch. They can signal non-verbally by showing you the palm of their hand. It is universal for “back off.”
  4. Do not move students deeper into poses. Adjustments aren’t to push them further. We use adjustments often to pull them back and let them feel a place of ease and safety in a pose.
  5. If you move students.’ bodies with your hands, they won’t learn how to get there themselves. Continue reading

Better Sex Through Yoga

2 Dec


Perfect sex is one of the most important mind-body experiences. So is important yoga. Yoga reduces stress, improves flexibility, increases blood flow, and opens the heart—all of which are necessary for a hot sex life. Yoga teaches accurate mindfulness—living only in the present moment. In a new Journal of Sexual Medicine study, researchers find that most women claim they have a difficulty staying focused, one cause why sex may be uninteresting or unresponsive for them.

We need to understand that the mindfulness you learn while practicing yoga can be implemented to other aspects of your life, so you can enjoy lovemaking entirely for what it is, and not think or worry about anything else. According to the experts, to practice an hour a day, sex will become a magical and alchemical act, which is fed by the two poles, generating the necessary fuel for the kundalini-creative energy that rises upward in the column- instead of down and lost through semen, the fruit of sadhana or practice energy. Continue reading

Yoga-The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret

1 Dec

weight loss yogaIt is true that extra weight will make some asanas more difficult, and there will be greater pressure on the joints in some asanas. But not trying yoga until one loses extra weight is like not practicing yoga until you get flexible enough. Among other things, we do yoga because of the wonderful physical and mental benefits it brings us in specially those areas where we suffer. If we were already as fit, balanced and slim as we expect ourselves we should be, then we wouldn’t have to do yoga at all. Continue reading

Yoga for Expectant Mothers

1 Dec

pregnant yogaYoga is an ancient form of work out method that has enriched the holistic living of individuals in the most natural and effective way since years. Yoga is like a sacred route to a peaceful mind and healthy body.

During pregnancy, when expectant mothers are fighting mood swings at varying levels, weariness and sickness, painful leg cramps and breathing problems; yoga exercises, techniques and postures reduce all such conditions ensuring a period of relieved nine months followed by an easier labor and smooth delivery. Continue reading

Yamas and Niyamas

30 Nov

sample fmc

Yamas (universal principles)

Ahimsa: kindness, non-violence, compassion for oneself and for others. Be aware of how we treat ourselves, others and the environment. No harm ( Ahimsa ) is the fundamental attitude. Actually, it is not possible act without causing absolutely no harm, the recommendation is to always choose the action less harmful to others.

Satya: truth of thought, speech and communication. Judge words before to say them. You have to tell the truth when and only when it is good for others. Communicate honestly. Follow this rule in each and every aspect of your life. Be honest, be truthful, be kind.

Asteya: do not steal, do not take what is not belong to you. Theft is the result of believing that we lack something, which is contrary to the universal law of abundance. Continue reading