The PachaMama

12 Mar

Woman practicing intense stretching

The PachaMama village is devoted to yoga exercise. PachaMama is a non-for profit organization, which its income goes to develop the village, and volunteers from the village are working for the PachaMama themselves.

The village Apartado is the responsible to this volunteer operating organization, which has grown as a leading service provider in Costa Rica. The yoga practice has become a strong pillar of the village life. The organization gives support to consistent yoga study with delicious diets, raw food and meditative background. The villagers are used to have those norms are practicing regularly and they become yogis who live with a yogic lifestyle. They used to practice some complementary healing processes too. A transformative potential with this complete experience of yoga practice has been grown. The non-dogmatic approach, which lay according to ancient traditions, has developed with modern western teachers’ creativity. Therefore, this ancient science will evolve accordingly. A series of yoga retreats, workshops and courses are conduct year around with regular daily yoga classes and bi-annual yoga-teacher-training course. Villagers welcome the visitors and they offered with enjoyment of natural beauty of forest nearby and the beach while meeting them in personal capacity and celebrating, retreating and grouping.

The trans-formative process of the PachaMama emphasized repeatedly and it is a unique identity to PachaMama. It includes yoga practice and meditation practice along with some complementary retreats. PachaMama is encouraging the exploration of one’s inner spiritual living with harmony with the ecological balance. In the start, it has created a reforestation project with some pioneers of the community and it has been successfully completed and continued to today. The target of the PachaMama is to become self-sustainable with vegetable supply and fruit supply. In addition, medical plants grown in the village reforestation project. The use of recycling is in practice as a means of this transforming. A composting project is also in working. Ecological building is one of the most attention paid phenomena of the villagers. Recycled fuel and grey-water systems are in practice, which helps to transforming practice. The PachaMamais using only biodegradable soaps, ecofriendly products and foods and is insisting that every new visitor will comply with these conditions. It expected that everyone will accords with the practice of respect to land, the forest and the rivers and bringing awareness to how to influence the earth. Every season the transformation project is in active while planting new branches or cuttings of trees that known to grown fast. For a given year, the number of new trees planted is getting higher than to the past year. Reintroduction of indigenous trees, fruit varieties and medicinal plants from the seeds produced their own nurseries is getting successful each year.

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