Costa Rica Yoga Therapy Tamarindo

11 Mar

Woman practicing camel pose

The blessed land and sea of Costa Rica is awaiting your move there to relax and return to source. Costa Rica Yoga Therapy Tamarindo has an idea of creating a new world with new wave of yoga programs. They are continuously changing and improving in order to meet the targets in yoga world as they acknowledged in their vision. You will learn how to open and balance the energy centers of the body and the astral body. Now you about to start to,

  • Healing your own body,
  • Increase spine and joint flexibility,
  • Monitoring agelessness and the agedness,
  • Improve your skin health and keep it in a level of healthy,
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and improve brain function,
  • Regulate the thyroid function, and
  • Balance the hormone levels of your body.

New breath and mediation techniques are available to your yoga practice get deepening and you will felt love with what you gain from Tamarindo.

Massage Therapy

Their massaging techniques are very specialized and unique. The very aims of this valuable massaging are 1) to regenerate healthy cells, 2) to improve spinal function, 3) to activate DNA and heal your cell nuclear, 4) to improve your immune system and so to reduce the probability of being sick and 5) to clean out negative energies. Treatments work to create expansion of Cosmic Consciousness by incorporating a fusion of Healing Therapeutic Techniques. You are likely to feel acceptance and peace with massage therapy of Tamarindo. Some of their receivers may experience life altering and life changing turning point at Costa Rica Yoga Therapy Tamarindo. The menus are full of services and choose your requisite from the same. 

Retreats & special events

They work with the vision that collective effort is powerful with much energy. They offer very special yoga events for higher student practitioners while offering group yoga sessions for kids, teens, and the adults of all age groups. You will provide with vegetarian Ayurveda foods that allow you to learn and practice how to manage your life with healthy meal style. They conduct very special eventual yoga classes in occasions such as weddings, birthdays, family gatherings and holidays.

REiki Energy Healing Tamarindo

The word Reiki means universal life-force energy. It has both Chinese and Indian traditions when it offers first time as Chi in China and as Prana in India. The theory of life flow of energy based on the attitude that it nourishes organs and cells of the body is the very essence of this healing practice.When this flow of energy disrupted, its function becomes impaired and illnesses may occur. The flow of energy stimulates natural healing ability or the immune system of the body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


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