Sewall House Yoga Retreat

10 Mar

Woman practicing Lord Shiva's pose

The historic Sewall House Yoga Retreat is located in Island Falls, Maine, United States. It has entered into the National Register of Historic Places and, as Mr. William Sewall, as the first post office in, founded it, Island falls. It was 1865.That is the story behind Theodore Roosevelt’s success since his success attributed to success as a yoga practitioner. Young Theodore met the William and the friendship was so powerful and fruitful for both of them. In 1887, William built Theodore’s ranch at North Dakota.William Sewall taught Theodore Roosevelt the wonders, beauty, and healing attributes of nature.  The place, which has filled with natural beauty you, can see the first rays in every morning, which kisses white sandy beaches of the Island. You may enjoy nearby thick forest and wildlife.You can experience serenity and solitude and be away from daily sufferings. You are to meet Donna Davidge, granddaughter of Sewall as your yoga mistress there. Come on. All levels are welcome.

They conduct ongoing yoga retreats for two to eight guests at a time and their services are highly personalized. Offerings are in high quality and rates are competitive in the region. Daily conducts includes Ashtanga-Hatha yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Meditation classes are also available. The morning class of Restorative Hatha Yoga goes to the Vinyasa Yoga ranging the demand of guests. Beginner as well as experienced practitioner may crunch thirsty from the Sewall Yoga retreats year around. The yoga retreat center at Island Falls has designed to support positive life changes. You may come from any religious background and it will not be discriminated in Sewall.  The daily schedule has arranged in convenient way and you may choose you are attending while choosing optional programs from a lengthy list. The friendly staff will help you to arrange a flexible schedule that suits your needs and budget. Placed near to US-Canada border you may enter either way through Houlton or Woodstock with the passport in hand, please.

The teacher training is limit to five participants at a time. It is too highly personalized. Each participant will have a well furniture private bedroom for rest and study. The session is ten hours per day and three weeks. Two hundred hours and homework included your teacher training and it is such comprehensive course that you may not expect from a United States yoga center. This training includes:

  • Yama and Niyama.
  • Different styles of yoga defined including Hatha yoga and Restorative yoga.
  • Anatomy and Physiology relate to yoga.
  • Philosophy, Ethic and Lifestyle improvement relate to yoga.
  • Teaching Yoga Methodology and Yoga Techniques
  • Mantra chanting, Meditation, Asana(poses) and Pranayama(breathing) Sequencing.
  • Kundalini Yoga essentials, practice and meditations,
  • Forward and backbends, inversions and twists Meditation.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques including Yoga Nidra.

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