Gaia Retreat and Spa

9 Mar

A young woman in a bath full of flowers

The Gaia Retreat and Spa founded by Olivia Newton-John, Gregg Cave, Warwick Evans and Ruth Kalinin in it is offering individualized programs of Yoga and Spa for international community. Gregg is your master of care take account of your wellbeing at Gaia arranges great hospitality for every guest.The entire team of Gaia is committee to serve you with gracious hospitality with the leadership of Gregg as I mentioned. Byron Bay region, which the Gaia situated, is inspired to its healing culture while it produces organic local and fresh food for you. It is not just a holiday plan yet a unique retreat and spa with a heart. At Gaia, you have all things at your choice. All events are optional and your choice is the best selection because every item is design as first in the class.

Finest thing to mention on Gaia Retreat and Spa is its awards collection. In most recent years, it has won many awards and accolades from many institutions worldwide that appreciates and evaluates service providers in Hotel, Tourism, Spa and Retreat industries.  With a panel of exceptional healers and therapists, Gaia won these accolades and awards for its service to be prouder than it have. Mother mature is the best healer. She knows the correct answer for any problem.

In Gaia, the team members used to read Mother Nature’s messages through their established knowledge and apply them to design process of retreats and spa programs continuously. They like to share the wisdom they gathered from years past with you and awaiting your arrival there with warm welcoming sight. They use fresh blended products that made from Australian Organics both from local suppliers and from their own Organic Garden. The tranquiler sounds, native beauty of the lush surrounds and day serene will lull you into a state of deep relaxation. It is empowering your inner self to reconnect, find balance and release stress, anxiety and restless nature of your brain. Cost effective retreats with an ultimate quality brought them an unbelievable reputation.

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