Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Center

8 Mar

Woman practicing tree pose

Operating in two locations of Australia, Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Center offers retreats to international community with its unique and precious name. Its Semaphore center located at 79 of the Military Road while Lokananda Center located at 9, Main Street, Point Pass.

What is Shiva Yoga? Shiva Yoga is an ancient tradition of yoga, which allows you to attain higher consciousness and wisdom within yourself. It includes certain groups of meditation, self-inquiry and yoga asana, pranayama and relaxation exercises. The chief of the Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation is Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shankarananda who formally known as Swamiji. He is the author of many books. ‘Happy for No Good Reason’ is one his titles. There are other notable proponents who are the co-workers of Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Center are, Devi Ma alias BhairaviAnanda, Swami Dayananda and Nancy Jackson. 

Three sections of retreats helps retreatment make better includes Yoga, Meditation and Retreats. Yogas are great for those who seek many benefits, which allow him to have a healthy body and mind. Meditation is great for those who seek unite their bodies with minds and spirits to attain ultimate union of God. Retreats are great for those who seek relax their bodies and have rest of life with little efforts. All three facilities are available in Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Center at affordable and competitive prices.  Either you are an established practitioner or you are a beginner are welcomed by Adelaide Shiva Yoga Meditation Center year around. There are few courses which suits you everyone are available in good content.Beginners’ course is six weeks and ongoing gentle yoga course for experienced practitioners, held in every Tuesdays.

Lokananda Meditation is noteworthy. It is based on Noble Eight Fold Path as to the Buddha taught. Right thinking, Right concepts, Right effort, Right speaking, Right living hood, Right vocation, Right concentration and Right decision, are the noble eight-fold path. Monks conduct classes and Vipassana tradition adhered. Retreat start at Friday evening and runs up to Sunday evening. You are to provide shared accommodation and tasty vegetarian meals there. This is the very essence of meditation and enlightenment is the aim of such a meditation. You are likely be harvested with great concentration and wisdom, which helps you live the rest of life with greater peace of mind. The other noteworthy is Lokananda sound, mantra and meditation retreat. Normally held at Friday evening through Sunday afternoon and supplied with shared accommodation and delicious vegetarian meals. “Sound bath” will be a new experience to you which you will have Friday night at Lokananda retreat. The weekend is filled with the resonance of Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, bells, other harmonic vibrations, with guided meditations, ritual recitations and mantra.

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