The Expanding LightAnanda Retreats

7 Mar

Woman practicing warrior pose

Ananda means joy or happiness. The Expanding Light welcomes you to receive joy, love and inner peace with Ananda. As to the company slogan, you are welcomed to discover and share a path to a better world. So many strategies lay down to achieve the aim. First, one is to expand the sense of harmony. Then he is to gain an increased sense of love of God which presence in his life. What is the next? It is to meet challenges and victories of one’s own journey of spiritual life. How can this be attaining? By practicing effective techniques, one can attain this. What are the effective techniques? The effective techniques one can practice are meditation, kriya yoga, hatha yoga, community and divine friendship.In order that achieve this target, one must have good supportive background. Family, friends and other supportive are very helpful.

The Expanding Light Ananda is a universal movement. Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda the movement has taken its starting point in 1968. Yogananda showed the method to have divine friendship or realization of God in daily lives. Yogananda’s direct disciple Swami Kriyananda who founded the Expanding Light Ananda is widely recognized as one of the leading spiritual teachers in the world nowadays. The religious truth verily all religions means is the foundation to the Yogananda’s teachings. Expanding Light Ananda welcomes yogis from any faith, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu or Islam all are welcomed to practice the teachings of Paramhansa. The expanding light is inviting you to join with their temples, yoga retreats, meditation groups and communities to practice these teachings and attain the enlightenment.

Everyone needs inner rejuvenation. Anybody can attain this. Nevertheless, there is a path to do it. In order to achieve success one must follow or have some critical prerequisites. First, one must have to find his environment supportive to the practice. If it is not supportive, he must work to make it supportive by using his creativity. Good supportive environment is a boost to one’s yoga life. Second, prepare yourself to take the retreat. No prior experience or knowledge required yet you must have prepared yourself to take the retreat by having good intention and heart oriented attitudes. It will help you to get more from your retreat if you can rest yourself before you come. If possible, it is better to give some thoughts before leave the home. Third, go on your worries vanished from the mind. As soon as you leave the home, try to put away all worries you bothered. Fourth, schedule your retreat variety as possible. Prayer, meditation, journal writing, spiritual reading, walk in nature, creative works and uplifting music is among these variations. Fifth, relax yourself. Enjoy your retreat. It is like planting a seed. You must give care to it until it become a large tree. Grow your spiritual life with the Expanding Light Ananda Retreats.

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