Flo Fenton Intouch Yoga Byron Bay Australia

6 Mar

Flo Fenton  Intouch Yoga Byron Bay Australia

Flo Fenton is a name with widely spreading with yoga today throughout the Australia. Flo Fenton has been practicing yoga for 22 years. She began in 1991 and became a teacher in 1997.  Flo was a United Kingdom born and lived until she started yoga journey in India and Nepal in age 23. In her early student life, she had spent much time to learn yoga, on various teachers from many traditions, and learned every kind of yoga. Finally, she settled in Australia where her second abode and started her journey with teaching. She has completed a number of yoga courses taught by renowned teachers of Australia as well. She is in postgraduate level now. Due to the widest knowledge of her teachers from India, Nepal and Australia, Flo has a wide range of expertise in yoga. She is fond of continuing yoga education. Flo is a master of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Satyananda yoga. Moreover, her focus on finding the natural ease with yoga postures gave her good harvest of the relationship of body with the state of mind.  Flo Fenton is regular contributor to Australian Yoga Life Magazine and Nature and Health Magazine.

She offers yoga teacher training courses in two levels. Level one course on yoga is a two hundred hours internationally approved by Yoga Alliance. If you seek excellence and depth, knowledge this course is for you. The course will have a strong focus on injury prevention. Yoga for individual needs is included in the course and it will lead to three hundred hours course on yoga therapy. In touch, Yoga Level Two Teacher Training is fully accredited and internationally recognized with Yoga Alliance. You are eligible to have courses without any prior experience but intention to have a vigorous workout. She still used to practice yoga with props and variations. Three hundred hour course is a foundation to balanced and integral practice. Her classes have unique identification with providing a dedicated service, which gives care to individual students. What differentiates these courses from others that market has? It is a noteworthy factor.

  • Smaller number of participants, Maximum is sixteen.
  • Highly experienced teachers well certified.
  • Rarity of courses, only once per year.
  • Teacher student attitude.
  • Private attention to each student.

The aims of these teacher-trainingcourses will be to lay the foundations of understanding both the subject and ourselves, so they may offer guidance to other students who will be their prospective clients.



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