Samudra Yoga Retreat Center

1 Mar

Woman practicing meditation

As this short name famous for yoga its facilities are being large as samudra which is the Sanskrit mane to ocean. Located in the mid of Dunsborough , Perth, Australia it is an ideal place to relax and unwind. Samudra has two stunning yoga studios. The cafeteria which serves vegetarian foods is an ornament to Samudra. They are a well-established group of respected teachers who is being versed with Ashtanga Yoga, health, nutrition and sustainable living. Their intention to bind the experience of the ocean and the body is set up as their vision. Their highly experienced academic staff aims to give the clients tools to develop your yoga practice and mind. As ocean waves you will nourish yourselves with wholesome foods they provide.

The retreat is an ideal place to relax and restore you. If you are need to gain insights into making healthy changes in your life Samudra is the place you should get there. Fully organic plant based meals can heal you and you will feel revitalized in your body, mind and the heart. They are helping hands who helps you to get back your home status and teach meditation and yogic breathing in order to calm yourself and tranquil your mind.  There you are to learn your food style reorganized and how to live healthily with balanced diet of organic healthy foods which supports your inner state. Yoga exercises are well designed to cleansing your inner and will restore your body and mind.  They organize seasonal detoxing retreats which help you to make healthy changes in your life. 

They offer a variety of yoga courses that suits to your prior experience and knowledge. One week to month span is taking by courses and you will be classified by your prior experience to get the new courses as your consent. Beginners are welcomed by Ashtanga beginner’s course which held two days per week and four weeks. It is perfect for those who have no experience and newcomer to yoga.  The teach guides you step by step. Breaking down the each pose and helping you improve with breath and awareness exercises. After four weeks you will have the deepest understanding of your own body, breath and mind and will be well established in your own yoga practice.

Another course for beginners is Hatha yoga course. This is a special course which is designed to have introductory level hatha yoga practice. This course lasts a month two days per week. This is suitable for beginners with injuries or individuals seeking more gentle practice of Hatha Yoga. The other course is on pranayama. It allows a beginner to go through a set of breathing techniques which helps to calm your body and mind while cleansing your core and giving many benefits over entire body. It is also one month course which is held two days per week.


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