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Nosara Yoga Institute

21 Feb

Woman practicing Yoga

The nature calls us listen everlasting message and natural wisdom of our own being. The Nosara Yoga Institute offers courses with schedules and curriculums to help people to learn their own life through the education of him. On any day you will be there you have the opportunity to educate yourself from the spending time on the beach and exploring the jungle and seeing wildlife. The following types of courses are available on NYI.

  • The two hundred hour interdisciplinary training on yoga teaching.This is a fundamental Yoga Course and helps you to achieve understanding on your yoga needs and how to teach yoga method knowledge of full training.
  • The one hundred hour teacher training on therapeutics. This is self-awakening yoga teacher training that helps you to gain in depth knowledge on philosophy of yoga. 
  • The one hundred hour inner quest educator training. This is an advanced yoga course on teacher training that gives you how to listen your yoga pupils’ knowledge.
  • The one hundred hour Pranassage practitioner Training.
  • The one hundred hour yoga dance teacher training.
  • The one hundred hour Experiential Anatomy course.
  • The 500-1000 hour Yoga certifications. Are available in Nosara Yoga Institute. This is a combination of above mentioned courses that help you to have certification on yoga training teacher. Continue reading

Anamaya Yoga Resort

20 Feb

Woman practicing warrior pose

The Sanskrit word ‘anamaya’ means good health. That is the main focus of Anamaya Resort. The Anamaya Resort is an exotic place, close proximity to ocean and surrounded by thick rainforest. The resort is very close to some waterfalls. It is further located in a beautiful beach town which is one of the most beautiful beach towns from the world. Their retreatment center is an identity to themselves. It has many notable features. It offers several types of yoga classes. A bunch of identically designed retreat packages, luxurious spa service varieties and several types of retreats are truly for the good health of your body, mind and spirit in all respects. Yoga teacher training is one of the most valuable services they offer. You will be provided with gourmet organic foods in all your meals there. The resort is the organizer of an everyday carnival of fire dancing and circus. You are to satisfy yourselves with unique experience of visiting Costa Rica with exiting local excursions. Accommodations are in international quality and intimate. The Nicoya peninsula, which is abode to the resort, is a one of five Blue Zones of the world. Montezuma is the town with Anamaya where the place you are going to have experience of living with people who are known as live the longest lifetime of the world which the Blue Zone means. They are the healthiest of the world. There you will discover their secrets about longevity and more on true gifts of life. The retreat center offer following amenities to their visitors. Continue reading

Luna Yoga Lodge

19 Feb

Woman in prayer positionAssociated with tropical wilderness the Luna Lodge is located in a rainforest in Costa Rica and a hundred and fifty acres of land of forest is covering your re-treatment center. The lodge’s property is over seventy five acres. There the place with a deep river, first rays of sunshine, mists very lower to ground, sanctuary of wildlife and glimpse of Pacific Ocean are surrounded.

Luna Lodge is a dream of Lana Wedmore, who is the founder of this most sought after re-treatment and service center. Hundreds of species of beautiful birds are living in this virgin rainforest. Animal behavior he will see here will be an amazing experience to anyone whose first visits to Costa Rica. There are four waterfalls beautifying the property of Luna Lodge. He will find one of them with a ten minute walk from the main bungalows and that is swift flowing chute and compiling with a water pool too. In further walk of few minutes he is likely to see river valley which is filled with white boulders. Lana is a landscaping expert. She and her staff are the authors of a rich garden which is full of herbal. There he will find shelters of Mango, China Fruit, Mandarin Orange, Lemon, and WaterApple, Banana, Lemon, Avocado, Cashew, Cacao and Papaya.  Sweet aroma of herbal garden will change your thoughts for a moment. The rancho consists with a restaurant, bar, reception, library, gift shop and the kitchen.   Continue reading

Bamboo Yoga Play

18 Feb

Woman practicing YogaBamboo Yoga Play is located in Dominical in Costa Rica. Very near place to BaruRiver meets sea and two minute walk from the sea in the midst of the rainforest. They are famous for movement workshops, dance, teacher trainings, retreats and yoga. They invite you whom are from any corner of the world to have an experience of living in a sanctuary for the arts. Using the power of yoga, voice, dance, writing, visual art and meditation they are willing to offer an eco-friendly exploration and transformation through healing arts. They are conducting workshops; classes and private sessions for achieve the goal. Their studios located with view area of jungle, river and the ocean. Bamboo floored studio is large with 1200 square feet and contains high ceilings. The environment is filled with the sights of beautiful butterflies, birds and reptiles. Continue reading

Yogaville Ashram

17 Feb

woman practicing warrior pose

Yogiraj Sri Swami Satchidananda, Sri Gurudev as known to his disciples, was a world renowned yogacharya. To practice, live and impart his integral teachings is the mission of the Yogaville Ashram which is the foundation made by him.  Further the foundation wishes to ensure joy with all mankind through the teachings of Swami Satchidananda. His massage on peace is heard around the world. He was dedicated to the cause of peace of individual and universal. And he had also committed to establish religious harmony through the society. His teachings are the guiding principles of the Yogaville Ashram. He was awarded with three international honors. Further he was honored by Unite Nations interfaith assembly as well. Continue reading

Feathered Pipe Yoga

16 Feb

Woman practicing YogaFeathered Pipe Foundation is one of oldest retreat centers of Unite States of America.  The foundation is located at Montana Rockies and it is relax and leisurely place. It is surrounded by a thick forest and many mountains. Summer based personal yoga retreats and year round world round yoga retreats are offered by Feathered Pipe Foundation. Most famous yoga teachers who are the finest of the industry are conducting these retreats. Guest teachers are also in work competently and they offer specialties and emphasize over yoga therapy, mindfulness, healing arts, meditation and some other areas. It consisted with customizable options for retreats. Yoga travels are for everyone and workshops for individuals and for groups are popular. Continue reading

Omega Yoga Institute

15 Feb


Omega institute was founded in 1977. As the Managing Director Stephan Rechtschaffen has done a magnificent work for the foundation with his colleague and partner Elizabeth Lesser. PirVilayatInayat khan, the famous scholar and the eastern meditation teacher worked for the institute for while and “university of life” is designed by their cumulative effort. Personal growth while social change is their aim. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s teaching which the introduction of omega point is the first cause of the institute’s name. Omega point is the term to describe peak of unity and integration towards the evolution of life. From the rented facilities to the owning campsite has been developed in 1981. There they achieved a significant landmark and the probability to growth as a campus. Now it is consisted with two hundred acres of land and hundreds of buildings including Ram Dass library. Continue reading