The Govinda Valley Retreat Center

28 Feb

Woman practicing YogaThe Retreat Center located in Australia at beautiful forest woodland of thirty acres. Relatively small but well facilitated center suitable for luxury type retreat that allows accommodating fifty six guests at a time. The main building with dining, balcony, massage room and two beautiful lit yoga halls is available for welcome visitors year round. There are some other items decorating the retreat center. They a conference room, various sized bedrooms, private bathrooms and other sanitary facilities of luxury class. Organic garden and small amphitheater are beautifying the retreat center. Upstairs yoga hall is sixty five square meters and downstairs yoga hall is one hundred and thirty five square meters. These are suitable to practice yoga by one hundred and sixty six people at a time. Floor to ceiling windows will ventilate the yoga halls well. 

The Govinda Valley Retreat Center is a non-profit volunteer operated. All the retreats are facilitated by dedicated yogi and yogini who works for success of the center by enthusiastic work. They are welcoming volunteers each month of the year. The interested people are to find they engage in volunteer work that suited to their qualifications and personal interests. The retreat center, kitchen and the cafeteria needs volunteers. They are welcome you to join them for a weekend, or stay for longer, and are happy to provide basic but comfortable accommodation and delicious organic food. The beautiful location is very near to the National Park, beach and cliffs. The railway station is in walk distance.

The kitchen is a very important place to The Govinda valley Yoga Retreat center. They emphasized the Vedic knowledge that a person’s diet is highly influenced one’s mind and body activities are in their philosophy. They often bothered about the diet and very nutritious foods which are beneficial for spiritual activities are supplied. The cooks are well experienced and work with the Ayurveda knowledge and for spiritual standards. They are further spiritual practitioners, who meditate and bathe before entering the kitchen and imbue the food they prepare with love and devotion. The menus are wheat free, dairy free, sugar free and tofu free. Full vegetarian and free from garlic, onion and mushrooms too. This spiritual diet helps anyone who wants to deepen his spiritual state of yoga practice.

One final word to add this article is about what their clients have to say about. One citation says that, “Have found the center an excellent venue. The food is produced with love and care, the staff attentive and able to support our needs. It’s been a pleasure.” And another says as follows, “The rooms are basic, but clean and comfortable; the food is some of the nicest vegetarian food.Thecenter is calming, peaceful and lovely.”


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