Radiance Yoga Retreats

27 Feb

Radiance retreats

Jessie Chapman the founder of Radiance Yoga Retreats has been teaching yoga for ten years. And its staff is the secret of the success of Radiance Yoga Retreats. The company based in Byron Bay, Australia while has many branches around the Asia and Europe.Retreats pack is comprised with a quality yoga exercises, beach walks and nature tours guided staff officers of Radiance, hiking, massage and spa retreats, core strength classes, meditation with guide, lifestyle discussions on nutrition and health, yoga nidra at evening, cultural tours, cookery classes, bhajan sessions and yoga dances. You will be provided healthy meals and cleansing juices. All the events are inspired by beautiful locations they are organized.  

All the retreats are focused on a foundation of dedicated yoga practice with Radiance staff lead by Jessie Chapman. Radiance offers all levels of yoga practice opportunities including a complete course for beginners.Courses are well designed. Opportunities offered by their courses are challenging with highly competent teachers who paid much attention on individual basis and make adjustments whenever necessary. Classes are combination of gentle warm up sequences and Vinyasa yoga which includes movements through posture practice and breathing awareness. To build strength, stability and alignment no other opportunity you will have elsewhere. So many of variations are offered which can be practiced according to experience of practitioners and according to needs of individuals. The classes are designed to allow people to journey deep into their practice with awareness and ease. Restorative yoga exercises are being taught within the retreat programs and it requires using props to go to deeper and experience complete relaxation. Their guests are ranging from whom completely new to yoga to ultimate practitioners who have well educated and awaken or enlighten with the union of body, mind and spirit.

The company’s resources are wide. Among them there is a one beautiful source which my mind goes with it. It is the collection of testimonials from who attracted with Radiance services. Praising the Jessie, and Radiance staff, explaining the beauty of locations where the events organized, praising servicing staff and meals, and much more credentials have been expressed in these testimonials archive.

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