Byron Yoga Center

25 Feb

Woman practicing yoga

Byron Yoga center has been opened in 1988 by the founder John Ogilvie. It is now among one of the longest running yoga schools of the Australia. This studio offers many courses including daily yoga classes. Yoga workshops are at your option list as well. Annual yoga and health retreats are their two of most attracting packages while fully accredited yoga classes allow one to attain certificate on teaching or therapy. They may be access by 200 hour and 500 hour options. There is a motivation to them teaching yoga while giving the benefits and while receiving the different kinds of benefits.

Byron Yoga center teaches Purna Yoga which means complete set of yoga. The practice of Purna Yoga is including an integrating approach and also including philosophy, meditation, asana, pranayama and ethics. The poses are designed to achieve body alignment. Using props whenever appropriate they become famous in yoga world as offering safe and attainable yoga certificate trainings. They are seeking to integrate Ashtanga Yoga as their way to integrate yoga with other retreats. They are considering the historical way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga over 3000 years of history of India.  Their belief of that all eight limbs are equally important is helping them to popularize their courses among the beginners. They are encouraging students of many age groups to practice and achieve benefits of yoga while teaching them the benefits of yoga especially. To build flexibility, to calm mind, to lighten the heart, to enhance strength, and to unite body with mind and spirit are the very benefits often emphasized in these lessons.  

Yoga philosophies such as ahimasa are also taught in the classes. Once you attend to a class you will have a deeper understanding of yoga and in case of practice rather teaching theories. As to their teachers the practice of yoga becomes a way of life and trainers to discover this truth attending these lessons. They are in the belief that what Iyengar addressed in his Light of Yoga. According to Iyengar“The name of the Lord is like the Sun, dispelling all darkness. The moon is full when it faces the sun. The individual soul experiences fullness (purnata) when it faces the Lord. If the shadow of the earth comes between the full moon and sun there is an eclipse. If the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ casts its shadow upon the experience of fullness, all efforts of the sadhaka to gain peace are futile,” and is the very belief of Byron Yoga Retreat. They are in vision of that following five Yama and five Niyama as their cornerstones. Those five Yamas areNon-violence, Truthfulness, Non-stealing, Moderation and Simplicity. And the five Niyamas areCleanliness, Contentment, A burning effort to achieve a goal, Education and Acknowledgement the divine in all.




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