The Yoga Farm

22 Feb

Woman practicing yoga

Being a rustic yoga center The Yoga Farm is earned a name well deserved for and located in southernmost coastal area near to pacific ocean and mid of the forest. The Farm site allows you to have experience with the wide wildlife diversity of Costa Rica and provide simple yet comfortable accommodations. Yoga classes guided by resident yoga instructors are one of your most visiting causes to The Yoga Farm and offered daily. Another reason they are famous for their tasty meals; two vegetarian, one simple and local fare lunch. The life is very communal and their friendly staff encourages people to stay as much as wanted. The Farm solely depends on the Sola power and off the grid. Email is the preferred communication method and so far no telephone lines attached. The Yoga farm is always working towards more sustainable way of life and the have designed the farm to suit their vision. Both rainwater and natural spring water supplied site is one most neutral experience for everyone. The natural architecture and buildings offer you an experience that never encountered in a yoga center and fruit garden will supply you fresh fruits as just picked from the garden. They grow mango varieties, banana varieties, pineapples, coconuts, papaya, anona, citrus, water apples, guanabana, cinnamon, cacao and many others in their farm. The large two story building filled with humid breeze and view of the ocean is one of their attractions. The kitchen is designed for prepare large family type meals is separately placed.

The threefold hope of them is the foundation to their vision. To build community with environmentally friendly manner, to restructure people lives with sustainable ethics and to promote a healthy yogic lifestyle are among their hopes. They welcome anyone from the world to share your goals with them and a have less typical life for a while.  The yoga farm is an association of people who support the farm sharing common goals and common experience. The farm is not an insular enterprise or dogmatic foundation. It is simply an association of people form desperate backgrounds. They may be having a spiritual or geographic nature.From the very beginning The Yoga Farm is in the belief that environmentally ethical sustainability if life. Their vision is guided by a permaculture design of tenets. The farm was designed to make the best of living. They aim to increase positive impacts to earth while minimizing negative impacts. Healthy living is one of their hope which is want to teach how to eat a person while you living there for extremely shorter period there. Probably two weeks or month you will stay there and you will to earn lifetime message from the Costa Rica which is the abode for world’s long living people who have healthiest lives. There is the place to take breathtaking nature, practice yoga, hike the forest, eat healthy meals, slowdown yourself, unwind and listen to the natural sounds.

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