Nosara Yoga Institute

21 Feb

Woman practicing Yoga

The nature calls us listen everlasting message and natural wisdom of our own being. The Nosara Yoga Institute offers courses with schedules and curriculums to help people to learn their own life through the education of him. On any day you will be there you have the opportunity to educate yourself from the spending time on the beach and exploring the jungle and seeing wildlife. The following types of courses are available on NYI.

  • The two hundred hour interdisciplinary training on yoga teaching.This is a fundamental Yoga Course and helps you to achieve understanding on your yoga needs and how to teach yoga method knowledge of full training.
  • The one hundred hour teacher training on therapeutics. This is self-awakening yoga teacher training that helps you to gain in depth knowledge on philosophy of yoga. 
  • The one hundred hour inner quest educator training. This is an advanced yoga course on teacher training that gives you how to listen your yoga pupils’ knowledge.
  • The one hundred hour Pranassage practitioner Training.
  • The one hundred hour yoga dance teacher training.
  • The one hundred hour Experiential Anatomy course.
  • The 500-1000 hour Yoga certifications. Are available in Nosara Yoga Institute. This is a combination of above mentioned courses that help you to have certification on yoga training teacher.

All the training courses you will have from Nosara Yoga Institute are nationally and internationally recognized and accredited courses. These will easily help you to start your career as a yogi and teacher yet there are few who will complete these courses that they may require your inner qualifications than the background qualifications.

As a service provider engages in Yoga world Nosara Yoga Institute is welcoming participants all over the world and help them to achieve better yogi relationship with other enthusiast, family members, friends, students and clients you are preparing to serve. The help you receive will expand your feelings to inner awakening developing your inner state. It is a relaxed learning system and gives deeper understanding on each and every topic you are going to learn. They are placing higher value on establishing authentic relationships that encourage every individual to look inner wisdom for the ultimate authority. The word interdisciplinary means that the yoga they taught and practiced are coming from diverse disciplines and from the around the world. The philosophies and arts are diverse and their outcomes are also different from one to the other. But the main aim is to delving into the yoga that comes from the inside out.  The yoga teachers whose lives are transformed from the inside out are in a capability of teaching helping much to their students in the learning process. Awaken awareness of the power somebody has as a yoga educator to invent new ways of being together as human beings is their shared mission. Learning together in yoga classes, invite you a depth of relationship that will support a depth of personal inquiry.


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