Anamaya Yoga Resort

20 Feb

Woman practicing warrior pose

The Sanskrit word ‘anamaya’ means good health. That is the main focus of Anamaya Resort. The Anamaya Resort is an exotic place, close proximity to ocean and surrounded by thick rainforest. The resort is very close to some waterfalls. It is further located in a beautiful beach town which is one of the most beautiful beach towns from the world. Their retreatment center is an identity to themselves. It has many notable features. It offers several types of yoga classes. A bunch of identically designed retreat packages, luxurious spa service varieties and several types of retreats are truly for the good health of your body, mind and spirit in all respects. Yoga teacher training is one of the most valuable services they offer. You will be provided with gourmet organic foods in all your meals there. The resort is the organizer of an everyday carnival of fire dancing and circus. You are to satisfy yourselves with unique experience of visiting Costa Rica with exiting local excursions. Accommodations are in international quality and intimate. The Nicoya peninsula, which is abode to the resort, is a one of five Blue Zones of the world. Montezuma is the town with Anamaya where the place you are going to have experience of living with people who are known as live the longest lifetime of the world which the Blue Zone means. They are the healthiest of the world. There you will discover their secrets about longevity and more on true gifts of life. The retreat center offer following amenities to their visitors.

  • Comprehensive yoga teacher training with a certification and it is a monthly program.
  • Huge yoga hall with epic ocean view.
  • Classes of yoga conducted daily.
  • Spa and massage services which you to receive only form the resort.
  • Pool with salty water to bathe yourselves.
  • Food facilities with your food options, even vegetarian or thin meat.
  • Internet access facilities with Wi-Fi.
  • Accommodations to meetings, lectures and movies.
  • Detoxing facilities and cleansing retreats.
  • Yoga retreats.
  • Meditation retreat facilities.
  • Surfing camps with yoga

Anamaya resort is offering two hundred hour teacher training of yoga and teacher certification curriculum which lasts several months. The course includes lodging amenity, three organic meals per day, excursions and course work covered by class room activities. January, May, June, September, August and November months contain these courses. Along with extensive yoga training and meditation with ultra-healthy, ultra-tasty meals you will not only experience the certification but also experience best physical and mental shape of the life. The natural beauty which is a nature’s gifts to Costa Rica is one of plus experience never forgettable you are going to have.


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