Luna Yoga Lodge

19 Feb

Woman in prayer positionAssociated with tropical wilderness the Luna Lodge is located in a rainforest in Costa Rica and a hundred and fifty acres of land of forest is covering your re-treatment center. The lodge’s property is over seventy five acres. There the place with a deep river, first rays of sunshine, mists very lower to ground, sanctuary of wildlife and glimpse of Pacific Ocean are surrounded.

Luna Lodge is a dream of Lana Wedmore, who is the founder of this most sought after re-treatment and service center. Hundreds of species of beautiful birds are living in this virgin rainforest. Animal behavior he will see here will be an amazing experience to anyone whose first visits to Costa Rica. There are four waterfalls beautifying the property of Luna Lodge. He will find one of them with a ten minute walk from the main bungalows and that is swift flowing chute and compiling with a water pool too. In further walk of few minutes he is likely to see river valley which is filled with white boulders. Lana is a landscaping expert. She and her staff are the authors of a rich garden which is full of herbal. There he will find shelters of Mango, China Fruit, Mandarin Orange, Lemon, and WaterApple, Banana, Lemon, Avocado, Cashew, Cacao and Papaya.  Sweet aroma of herbal garden will change your thoughts for a moment. The rancho consists with a restaurant, bar, reception, library, gift shop and the kitchen.  

Retreatment center is separated from the main bungalows. Rooms are well-furniture and comfortable. The clear sight of Pacific Ocean, rainforest and wildlife is in your menu free of charge. Thirty two people may be facilitated at a time with eight bungalow and five tent retreatment center. Over thousands of square feet of covered open air space is the made available yoga activity accommodation. Massage therapy and aroma therapy are also available. It is an ideal place to study, meditation and meetings as well. Dining and meeting area will provide him a workshop facility too. You may have a fully customized yoga retreatment there with your co-visitor yoga instructor too. They are accessible by every kind of practitioner, even a beginner, and their inner grace, strength and joy will be well connected to practices with many variations.  Many upcoming travels are waiting your participation are listed with the Luna Lodge. Their yoga sessions are designed especially for him/her who is willing to unify the body with soul and to unwind through yoga posture exercises and breathing exercises. There his instructor will guide him gently improving his flexibility of body. This session will promote his sense of peace and well-being. There lessons on yoga will provide a good introduction to whom is novice to the field. Cost of session is to be lowest rates that anyone can found in Costa Rica. Either for group session or for private session these rates are lowest in the region too.


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