Bamboo Yoga Play

18 Feb

Woman practicing YogaBamboo Yoga Play is located in Dominical in Costa Rica. Very near place to BaruRiver meets sea and two minute walk from the sea in the midst of the rainforest. They are famous for movement workshops, dance, teacher trainings, retreats and yoga. They invite you whom are from any corner of the world to have an experience of living in a sanctuary for the arts. Using the power of yoga, voice, dance, writing, visual art and meditation they are willing to offer an eco-friendly exploration and transformation through healing arts. They are conducting workshops; classes and private sessions for achieve the goal. Their studios located with view area of jungle, river and the ocean. Bamboo floored studio is large with 1200 square feet and contains high ceilings. The environment is filled with the sights of beautiful butterflies, birds and reptiles.

Sofiah Thom, the founder of this new thematic retreatment center is a dancer, a somatic guide and a ritual performer. She is a modern day yogini and a temple dancer. She creates environments for transformation. For self-discovery and for achieving pure bliss are among her vision. She obtained a degree on dance therapy from Naropa University. She studies on expressive healing arts at Tamalpa Institute too.Sofiah Thom’s deep understandings of the body and somatics made her the founder of Bamboo Yoga Play. She fuses yoga, dance, breath works, healing arts and Tantric Buddhism into her healing arts. While travelling around the world for teach her vision, Sofiah lives and works for Bamboo Yoga Play.

The classes at Bamboo Yoga Play are designed for all levels of students. Lessons are especially designed to hearing to the sounds of your body and the staff is lovingly support you for listen the sounds mentioned. These lessons will help you to deeply connect your body’s breath and creative spirit with yourself. Bamboo Yoga is a trade mark which belongs to Bamboo Yoga play and she is the creator of the art of bamboo yoga with inheritance of the Vinyasa Yoga. Sofiah’s bamboo yoga art incorporates with the principles of alignment. The principle of alignment includes and emphasized the flexibility, strength and openness.You are to understand yourself by practicing her healing arts and you will to know who you are actually.Sofiah is the author of many arts of yoga such as Danyasa yoga, Heidi and Erini for examples. In the urn of ancient traditions she had gathered a bunch of revelations to modify and practice with her own usage of props. Many of her yoga sessions use props.  There you will experience of private yoga sessions which are customized for you with having following benefits.

  • They are designed for healing injuries and for health concerns.
  • Their goal is to cultivate of better balance, core strength and flexibility is emphasized.
  • It will greatly connect breathing and movements.
  • It increases body-mind awareness.
  • It releases you from stresses.

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