Yogaville Ashram

17 Feb

woman practicing warrior pose

Yogiraj Sri Swami Satchidananda, Sri Gurudev as known to his disciples, was a world renowned yogacharya. To practice, live and impart his integral teachings is the mission of the Yogaville Ashram which is the foundation made by him.  Further the foundation wishes to ensure joy with all mankind through the teachings of Swami Satchidananda. His massage on peace is heard around the world. He was dedicated to the cause of peace of individual and universal. And he had also committed to establish religious harmony through the society. His teachings are the guiding principles of the Yogaville Ashram. He was awarded with three international honors. Further he was honored by Unite Nations interfaith assembly as well.

The ashram was founded in 1980 and located in Buckingham, Virginia, united States of America.  The meaning of word Yoga is the union in Sanskrit. It is an acceptable definition to ‘Integral Yoga’ by which meant the wholesome of Yoga teachings. Sri Swami taught his disciples to integrate whole yoga into one life style and to ensure joyful life through practicing and living through the whole system of yoga. 

The very ancient system of yoga divided to six branches. They are the powerful tools to gain self-mastery. Hatha Yoga is the first division and it aims to physical aspects through asana, pranayama exercises, mudras, kriyas, yogic meals and deep relaxations. Raja Yoga is the branch which studies ethics, concentration and meditation in order that balance and control the mind. Bhakti Yoga is the devotion and service of the divine. By constant love and thought everyone can practice Bhakti Yoga. Karma Yoga intends to serve the world without attaching to the results of the action, which is selfless service.Jana Yoga is the intellectual approach. Japa Yoga wants to repeat mantra. Through the practice of entirety of yoga one can attain peaceful living of self and universal. The Integral Yoga Academy of Yogaville provides international community with a strong spiritual background. They offer services in teacher, therapist and healthcare practitioners to educate on yoga teachings. One who attains their classes can expect to broaden his/her understanding of the full expression. As their belief they allow to practice yoga through one’s own development and be away from worldly distractions. The program participants are expected to experience a yogic lifestyle through a program of that nature. Past experience of the Yogaville Ashram Integral Yoga Academy is supporting this theory. In addition they offer customized yoga retreat programs as well. You may design your retreatment program and they help you advising and serving towards the missions of the Ashram.  A set of comprehensive certification programs helps you to acquire a thorough understanding while you are achieving a world recognized prestigious certificate. Your capacity to serve others will expand through this certificate and that are additional benefits of this program. A certification for therapeutic professional and continuing education programs are also offered in the Ashram.



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