Omega Yoga Institute

15 Feb


Omega institute was founded in 1977. As the Managing Director Stephan Rechtschaffen has done a magnificent work for the foundation with his colleague and partner Elizabeth Lesser. PirVilayatInayat khan, the famous scholar and the eastern meditation teacher worked for the institute for while and “university of life” is designed by their cumulative effort. Personal growth while social change is their aim. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s teaching which the introduction of omega point is the first cause of the institute’s name. Omega point is the term to describe peak of unity and integration towards the evolution of life. From the rented facilities to the owning campsite has been developed in 1981. There they achieved a significant landmark and the probability to growth as a campus. Now it is consisted with two hundred acres of land and hundreds of buildings including Ram Dass library.

The new center for sustainable living is stands as omega institute for holistic science in Camp Boiberik. The exceptional service Omega offered passed years resulted with the participation of more than twenty three thousand people around the world. People who are participated in Omega sessions gifted with wellness and personal growth over the years.

Workshops, conferences and retreats they offered are recognized by participants form world over. It is a non-profit organization based in 150, Lake Drive, Rhinebeck, New York 12572, United States of America. Omega Mission Statement says as “Through innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit, omega provides hope and healing for individuals and society.” Further philosophy behind the services of Omega is broad and state-worthy. Accountability, Holism and Integrity are their best policies. Their service is a butt to which they dedicated with teachings and what they practiced in Omega. They get verily care about their experience. Needs and expectations are comes next.  Through the Simplicity, sustainability and teamwork they could attain world’s most sought after organization in yoga serving in Unite States during the past.

They are inviting people to find chances there. Feeling safety, creating community, feeling at home like and finding nourishment is among what you experience will once go there. Qualities lay behind their environment are nurture, relax, stimulate and inspire. The friendly staff of Omega Campus is welcoming. They expect your visit there enthusiastically and rest and rejuvenation retreats are ready for your coming. It aims your daily life’s pressures to vanish with dealings of retreatment programs. The programs are designed to help you de-stress, relax and relieve your soul from burdens. You may unwind with daily classes of yoga and meditation. Cost effective and budget friendly packages are designed to conduct through April to October. Omega retreatment programs are booking fast.


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