The White Lotus Yoga

12 Feb

white lotus

The White Lotus Foundation is non-profit organization based in 2500, Santa Marcos Pass, Santa Barbara, California 93105, United States of America. It is a nonsectarian and dedicated to the development of all human kind. The location is very special with pure air, spring water, beautiful sandstone swimming holes, hiking trails and plenty of secluded places for silent reflection. They offer indoor accommodations and as well as yurts, campsites under the bay trees, near waterfall and ocean. It is an ideal place for practicing yoga. They offer a complete Yoga Training Course with yoga teacher certification four times a year. The curriculum includes, how yoga works, the origins of yoga, an exploration to Iyengar, Krishnamacharya, PattabhiJois and classical yoga. This is a sixteen day course.  Modern scientific discovery is compared with ancient teachings at these courses. Asana and Pranayama classes with comprehensive analysis and methods of teaching are presented daily. Ganga White and Tracey Rich are their renowned instructors in those classes. They both are graduates of Doctoral with Yoga and the founders of this 1967 establishment, White Lotus Foundation. Hundreds of its teachers, who have certification from WLF, serve world through a bunch of opened centers and classes. An advanced training offered for graduates of this program and it a new experience for yoga world.

The purposes of these courses are very broad. As they depicted in their website the world is today in the midst of monumental and accelerated change and the jewel of past are to be gathered and be applied to the present with conscious and non-dogmatic approach. They continually discovering and distilling essential truths and principles from the mire superstition and ideology. Any student with a will to participate with a yoga background or without a yoga background is welcomed.  The staff and students of the foundation are very friendly and welcoming fellows and newcomers are treated with a great hospitality. They feel this art and science will benefit anyone and should be available to all. They are devoted to sharetheir knowledge and expertise with you and impart the understanding and technique to instruct others.

They presented a therapeutic yoga series. It is especially designed for you to have gentle and restorative yoga, supported postures, breath awareness and guided meditation.  Readily available pros are used in these sessions.  They are good for those who recovering from illnesses as well. The breathwork guided by imagery and hands-on –healing modalities are also part of this system working to balance the body and ease the mind. They are also especially designed for enhance the healing capacity of the body. You may enjoy with White Lotus Yoga Foundation with or without an intention to certification but with having a better yoga retreatment while you are practicing your yoga lessons from there. Much more philosophical idea lies behind the foundations’ vision.


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