7 Centers Yoga Arts

11 Feb


7 Centers Yoga arts is Based in 2115, Mountain Road, Sedona, United States of America. Ruth Hartung and Gary Majchrzak are co-founders of this 1998 started company for teaching and retreating yoga arts in USA and their services are sought by both local and international trainees. The ashram is modeled as an Indian Traditional Ashram, which is founded after their participation yoga classes at India. They were also taught by Los Angeles and Seattle studios. In July 2001 with the beginning of the first yoga teacher training, a non-profit branch of 7 Centers yoga Arts was formed called Mystis, Inc. This branch is totally dedicated to teacher training and community classes including outreach programs like The Children’s Project. 7 Centers Yoga Arts of USA attracts yoga students, Yogi and Yogini, and spiritual seekers from around the world to attend the variety of intensives and trainings. They also serve the local community, snowbirds and tourists with daily classes taught by certified graduates of their yoga teacher training programs. Throughout the years, their community has integrated spiritual ‘sadhana’ with nature through honoring the astrological and celestial markers including many years of ceremony. Their popular publication, the newsletter on Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and Yogic philosophy is a monthly informative.

Ruth Hartung, Director cum Course Leader of 7 Centers began her yoga in 1991 with the study and teaching of Kundalini yoga in Los Angeles. In 1994 she initiated with Swami Niranjananda in the Satyananda Saraswati lineage through the Bihar University at which time she was given the spiritual name of Sraddhasagar, which means Ocean of Faith.Ruth and her staff are offered a bunch of yoga retreatments to us through short courses, hourly courses and daily courses. Each year they offer three Hatha Yoga and one Kundalini Yoga teacher Certificate Training.

200 hours Hatha Yoga Course is a foundation broad based introduction to Classical Hatha Yoga that includes the yogic cleanses, asana techniques, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, yogic anatomy, fundamental Ayurveda includes study of the elements and nutrition with basic Vedic astrology through study of the planets through mantra.

200 hours Kundalini Course is an introduction to two styles of Kundalini yoga. This course focuses upon sadhana or spiritual practice, philosophy of Kundalini energy and chakras, energy bodies and esoteric anatomy. Students learn to teach in the Yogi Bhajan or 3HO tradition of Kundalini yoga.  Students come away with a Kundalini Tantra practice from the Satyananda tradition for their personal evolution. A student can also combine their 200 Hour Hatha Yoga training with 200hour Kundalini Yoga training along with our Chakra Intensive and Conflict Resolution to receive a 500 hour Certificate. They offer personalized retreats based on your needs taking into consideration the length of your stay in Sedona, the time of the year and your budget. Have your retreat anytime of the year, for any length of time and spread over any amount of days. 


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