Uddiyana Bandha

1 Feb

Woman practicing Uddiyana Bandha“Uddiyana” is a Sanskrit word which means “soaring, flying high”, and bandha is a “knot”, but often the word ‘bandha’ is not translated since it is a kind of a name for the whole set of yoga techniques. So, the meaning will be: “a high flying bandha“. Uddiyana bandha is the third of the famous bandha trinity, which also includes mula bandha and jalandhara bandha. These bandhas are often used in ashtanga-vinyasa yoga of Pattabhi Jois. Uddiyana Bandha is very powerful practice and very beneficial for the whole body.

To experience Uddiyana Bandha one should follow the following instructions:
1. As you begin to exhale, contract the abdomen and feel the pelvic floor draw up, and the navel draw back and up to the spine
2. With this contraction, the diaphragm rises
3. At the end of the exhalation, the navel is drawn back, the pelvic floor is drawn up, and the back muscles contract to lengthen the spine
4. On inhalation, this is a thoracic breath, through which the belly is firm and strong, and the ribcage lifts and moves
5. Keep the shoulders and throat relaxed, and do not bunch the shoulders up around the ears


Physical benefits of Uddiyana Bandha:

1. Uddiyana Bandha strengthens the deep-lying muscles of the back.

2. This Bandha increases peristalsis and helps release toxins and other harmful elements from the digestive tract and colon cleansing.

3. It makes the best massage of internal organs.

4.Uddiyana Bandha also stretches the spine, especially its lower part.

Psychological Benefits:

Uddiyana Bandha is good for psychological health also as it gives vivacity and lightness throughout the body.

Uddiyana Bandha not only beneficial for our physical and psychological health but also have some Therapeutic effect such as it help us to eliminates the offset of the internal organs and prevents the appearance of hernias.

You should practice Bandhas. But DO NOT forget to practice basic yoga poses including Savasana, Triangle Pose, Pigeon Pose, Half Moon Pose regularly.


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