Yoga and Jalandhara Bandha

29 Jan

Jalandhara Bandha

Jalandhara Bandha is the chin Bandha described and employed in Hatha Yoga. Jalandhara Bandha is a yoga exercise where the throat is contracted and the chin firmly placed on the chest. Jalandhara Bandha is a yoga exercise where the throat is contracted and the chin firmly placed on the chest. Due to this movement, the vocal organs are influenced.

  1. The chin lock
  2. A similar action to that of a child, standing back-to-back with a childhood friend and trying to be the tallest
  3. The neck feels long and light
  4. The head feels supported and stable
  5. The chest feels buoyant
  6. The abdomen feels long and lean
  7. It improves easy, effective breathing

To experience Jalandhara Bandha:

  • Move the chin down toward the sternum
  • Move the neck back, away from the sternum
  • Feel the activation of the deep neck flexors in the front of the neck
  • Draw the shoulder blades down, away from the ears
  • Feel how the support of the neck and throat seems to broaden the chest and back, and give a sensation of freedom and mobility to the upper ribs
  • If your breathing becomes restricted, you have probably taken the motions too far
  • Use your awareness of the vocal diaphragm to enhance the feeling of stability through your thoracic and cervical spine

Bandhas are energetic locks that contain the prana in the torso and concentrate it in the three main energy channels (nadis) of the body. This exercise awakens the inner energy centres, especially the Vishuddhi Chakra. The yogic action of Jalandhara Bandha, while it is designed for the practice of breath retention during pranayama, contains vital insights into the subtleties of how we hold our head, and how that in turn affects our breathing, muscle tone, and even the functioning of our nervous system. The bandh also affects “Vidyan Nadi” which passes through the neck. It is the only blood vessel passing below the neck. It is divided into two parts, which move towards the brain. These are known as Carotid Arteries. These arteries pass from both the sides of the neck to the brain.

You should practice Bandhas. But DO NOT forget to practice basic yoga poses including Savasana, Triangle Pose, Pigeon Pose, Half Moon Pose regularly.

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