Yoga Teacher-Important Tasks and Reflections

24 Jan

yoga class 2

  • Are you interested in eventually opening your own studio?
  • Do you wish to give private lessons – or lessons at school or in the workplace? What about yoga retreats?
  • Do you wish to run your business with a partner?
  • What do you want to call your yoga business?
  • Are you comfortable doing self-promotion for your yoga class or studio?
  • How many groups of students do you feel comfortable working with in any given class (keep in mind that increased flexibility means increased business opportunities)?
  • If you wish to open your own studio, you need to find the right space. Look for a space that grants at least 21 square feet of room for every practitioner.
  • Create a business plan that considers how much you expect to pay on rent, how much you will spend on materials, and costs during start-up time – the time it takes to open your studio, from the point at which you sign the lease.
  • If you wish to give classes at someone else‟s studio, map out your timetable of availability.
  • Determine how you wish to advertise – e.g. flyers, internet advertising, placing ads in papers.
  • If you wish to open a studio, ensure you have adequate savings to support you through at least two years of your yoga business (two years is the time that it generally takes for yoga businesses begin to garner a profit).
  • If you are female or a member of a minority group, research to see if there are funds available to help you with your start-up.
  • Determine whether you wish to provide childcare at your yoga studio – and if so, if you wish to do so for free, or for a cost.
  • Be sure to get adequate first aid training – including CPR – as this is required by many studios, and will also help you to promote your class.
  • Explore opportunities to become a substitute yoga teacher.
  • Also explore opportunities to give yoga classes in places like parks, community centres, senior citizens homes, and schools. Try to determine the sort of “target audience” that you would like to aim for.

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