Promote Your Yoga Class

23 Jan

yoga class 3

  • Update your resume, so that it includes all of your training, experience, and education in the practice of yoga. This will help you reflect upon your strengths, and it will also prove to be a useful tool when you search for employment opportunities at yoga studios.
  • Don‟t be ashamed to get your resume, name and style out there! Drop your information off at studios, schools, libraries and communities centres – you never know who might call.
  • Develop a website to further promote yourself as a teacher.
  • If you are planning to open a yoga studio, consider issues such as branding – and of course, a name for your studio.
  • Think about ways to make your studio unique – for example, making it eco-friendly, hosting live music, offering gender specific courses, or offering other specialised classes like prenatal yoga, meditation, or yoga for athletes.
  • If you’ve already got some loyal students – or if you know people who have expressed interest in studying with you, then put together an email list, and consider writing up a newsletter to promote your classes and services.
  • Consider promoting yourself further by offering a free first class for prospective students – or even special discounts for university students.
  • Think about your audience of potential students. Do you live in an area where yoga is extremely well-known and popular? Or are you based in a community that has yet to begin to appreciate yoga? If it‟s the latter case, then you should promote the benefits of yoga as you promote yourself.
  • List yourself as a teacher on websites such as and
  • Keep in mind that at first, business will inevitably be slow. You’ve got to put time in as a yoga teacher, and develop a loyal group of students who will spread with word about you to friends and relatives.

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