Work and Communication in the Business Environment

22 Jan

Group Yoga Class

Work and Communication in the Business Environment

Teaching yoga offers freedoms that other jobs don’t. You get to practice what you love, wear comfortable clothing, and focus your professional energies on an ancient tradition that invigorates the mind and soul. That doesn’t mean, however, that you ought not to follow some standard workplace and communicative etiquette. Some points on this are listed below.

  • Show up on time for classes, and tell students that you expect this of them, as well.
  • Be prepared for classes – and let this show. Always bring your lesson plan and props. Students will show you increased respect and cooperation if you make it clear that you have really got your class under control.
  • As a yoga teacher, you will naturally develop a special and intimate relationship with your students. But keep in mind that they are also your clients. Ensure that students pay you in a timely fashion for classes by being organized and systematic with your finances, and demand from students the respect that you show them.
  • Do some social networking with other teachers, as this will lead to greater professional satisfaction, as well as potential business opportunities. Read trade journals on yoga, develop online contacts, and consider going to conferences to pick up new tips, inspiration and ideas.
  • Consider distributing feedback forms to students at the end of a course – or even every few months – so that you can discover new ways to improve.

Prepare Workplace and Financial Documentation

  • If you are going to give a class in a gym or large yoga studio, write up a contract so that you can ensure a fair employment arrangement. In very specific terms, write out the service that you are going to provide, and the price that you expect for your service. The contract is also an appropriate place to write out a payment arrangement. You can write up the contract on your home computer – but be sure to include full names and dates! Once you are happy with the terms of the contract, you can bring it to your employer to discuss and sign.
  • Consider having your students sign a risk/liability form, in which they acknowledge that they are aware (and willing to take on) the risks of engaging in a yoga practice. Whilst extremely (if not uncomfortably) formal in nature, a risk/liability form can protect teachers from lawsuits.
  • If you own a yoga studio, seek and obtain liability insurance.

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