Prakuti or balance from a Mental and Physical Point of View (Part Two)

20 Jan

Prakuti or balance

Individuals of Kapha Prakruti are normally well build individuals. Since childhood they tend towards a little bit of chubby nature or even one may say over weight. All the qualities of kapha endow the individual with strength, wealth and energy and also a long life.

Kapha people usually tend toward a slow, steady and calm pace in life, which can easily lead to lethargy, laziness and excess body-weight. In such cases, their bodies and minds can become dull and stagnant. Kapha people actually need vigorous exercise, and it is acceptable for them to work the physical body to its limits.

Because their bones and joints tend to be very solid and strong, vigorous exercise does not pose the same risk of injury compared to, for instance, a vata person whose bones and joints can be very dry and brittle. When done regularly, weight will be kept at a stable level. More active exercise is required for them to stimulate their metabolism and increase circulation. However, as kaphas are prone to heart disease and high cholesterol, care must be taken not to over strain their hearts. Therefore, their practice must only be increased slowly in its intensity.

Generally, kaphas should be encouraged to do stronger exercise than they like, and they usually need to be taught to challenge themselves. Standing poses in general are good for them, particularly when combined with movement and stretching. Flowing, continuous movement series are also particularly good for kapha. Virabhasana and its variations are good, particularly when aimed at opening the chest, which is where kapha accumulates. Back bends are also usually good for kaphas because they open the chest and increase circulation to the head, where mucus tends to build up for them, blocking the senses and dulling the mind.


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