Prakuti or balance from a Mental and Physical Point of View

19 Jan


A person with a Vata constitution generally moves around a lot, and finds it difficult to remain still for long periods of time. They have a lot of nervous energy, and their emotions may constantly be up and down.

Vata people easily become addicted to vigorous exercise, because it temporarily exhausts them and therefore slows down their whirlwind bodies and minds for a while. However, this feeling does not last, and when such vigorous exercise is done excessively, the vata dosha can be increased in a detrimental fashion. Mild, regular exercise, which incorporates a contemplative element, is best for vata people.

Vata people require calming and warming yoga practices. Ideally, they should perform sitting postures everyday for increased stability. To calm vata, the practitioner should practice deep breathing, and meditate in these postures as well. Standing poses which strengthen the lower body are also particularly beneficial for vatas. Emphasize those standing poses that build strength, stability and calm.

Pitta people like to excel and shine at what they do. This can sometimes inspire them to aggressively force their bodies and minds. They may take their high achievement mentality into yoga practice, where it is not appropriate. This can make them good at the technical side of yoga asanas, but in the process, they can lose the spiritual effect of the practice, which depends upon piece of mind. Pitta people are often overly ambitious, irritable or driven, and therefore cooling yoga practices for the mind and body are best for them.

Pitta people are benefited by postures that aim to release tension from the mid-abdomen, the small intestine and the liver – such as cobra pose, boat pose, and fish pose. Forward bends are usually good for pitta because they bring more energy to the mid abdomen, and have a cooling and grounding effect if done in a gentle manner.


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