The Doshic Times of Day and Age

17 Jan

dosha time

We know doshas rule our bodies, but they also rule nature and the universe in the way of time and space. Just as the seasons have attributes of the doshas, so do the hours of the day. The doshic times of day play an important role in Ayurvedic medicine, as specific herbs and cleansing practices take advantage of the qualities present during those times. We can use these times to structure our day, and take advantage of the energies present in these specific time-frames.

6AM – 10AM – Kapha time. The water element elevates. Secretions flow from the tissues to the GI tract.
10AM – 2PM – Pitta time. Pitta secretions increase in the GI tract, increasing digestive and transformative time.
2PM – 6PM – Vata time. Vata dominates, including greater movement. Elimination processes are more active.
6PM – 10PM – Kapha time.
10PM – 2AM – Pitta time.
2AM – 6AM – Vata time

Let’s put this into perspective: if we get up in the morning before 6AM, which is Vata time, our meditation and communion with the Divine will be easier, as the clarity and spaciousness of Vata is more predominant at this time. Then, once the Kapha time begins at about 6AM, this water element aids the elimination of wastes, so cleansing practices will be more effective at this time.

Since Pitta dominates at lunch time, our food will be better digested at this time. Therefore, this is a good time to eat our main meal. Predominant Doshas According to Age:

Kapha – childhood. This is the major period of growth and anabolic activity.
Pitta – adolescence into adulthood. The transformation and assimilation of new ideas, and the growth into one’s life path, are pitta attributes, and are therefore most predominant dosha in this stage of life. This period also marks intensified competition, striving, and passion.
Vata – senior/old age. This is the time when, traditionally, the raising of one‟s family and life‟s work is drawn to a close. During this age, the energy supports contemplation, wisdom, and a more inward state of being.


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