Yoga Core Concepts (Part Two)

16 Jan

yoga philosophy

In the Indian Sanskrit books Yoga is defined as the process of linking one self with the Supreme Lord or to unite with him. The core concepts of yoga are, in fact, fundamental truths about human existence. They are regarded by yogis as universal laws. They help to both explain and guide the psychology through which human beings relate to their predicament. Therefore, an intimate understanding of the core concepts is vital for yoga teachers, because they help us to transform our relationship with the world. Such a transformation is the liberating step in our path toward enlightenment.

Ignorance and Wrong Perception

This core concept refers to ongoing misconceptions about the fundamental realties resulting in a deluded state of mind. In yogic theories, ignorance is viewed as the fundamental cause of all pain and human suffering. The core concept of „ignorance‟ teaches us that only through liberation is it possible to escape ignorance, and achieve a perpetual state of ease.

Samsara and Nirvana

These terms refer to the wheel of repetitive existence that is so frequently referred to in Buddhist doctrine, and also to the way out of it. In Yoga Samsara is sometimes translated as the “wheel of suffering”. In this system, one is born and continues to be reborn, and the only way to escape from the cycle is through disciplined spiritual practice, and the achievement of nirvana. Nirvana is the state of being free from both suffering and the cycle of birth and rebirth. It refers to a state of peace, and freedom from obsessions, cravings, anger and other distracting conditions.


This term refers to the Buddhist understanding that all things exist only in relationship to one another, and that all objects and beings are part of a single, underlying substance that constitutes reality. Many have interpreted interconnectedness as signifying that god exists within everything and everyone.


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