The Five Elements

12 Jan

five elements

The elements of nature are the very same as the elements in our body. These fundamental principles which guide nature’s functioning are called mahabhutas, or cosmic elements. These cosmic elements are the underlying intelligences that give rise to the five elements in our body. When manifested in our body, they are referred to as doshas. When manifested in nature, these elements are the basic building blocks of all existence and manifestation. Their coordinated interaction controls all functions in creation. The five elements are as follows:

Space – empty, light, subtle, all-pervading, omnipresent and formless. It appears when the pure consciousness begins to vibrate, and it is associated with sound and the sense of hearing. We need space in order to live, move, grow and communicate. Psychologically, space gives freedom, peace, and expansion of consciousness. It is responsible for love and compassion. It also brings feelings of separation, isolation, emptiness, ungroundedness, loneliness, anxiety, insecurity and fear.

Air – light, clear, and mobile. Air is the second manifestation of consciousness, and it moves in space. Air is electrical energy – the electron moves because of the air element. It is formless, but it can be perceived by touch, to which it is related. For example, we feel the roughness of the wind on our skin, and we also feel the dryness and roughness left behind. Air expresses itself in the movement of the muscles, the pulsations of the air, and the expansion and contraction of the lungs. The flow of thought, desire and will are governed by the air principle. Air gives us happiness, joy and excitation. It is, along with space, also responsible for fear, anxiety, insecurity and nervousness.

Fire – hot, dry, sharp, penetrating and luminous. When air begins to move it generates friction, which produces heat or fire. Fire is radiant energy. On the atomic level, the atom generates heat and light in the form of a quantum wave. Fire is active and changeable. According to Yoga philosophy In our solar system, the sun is the source of fire and light. In our body, our biological fire in the solar plexus regulates body temperature and metabolism, digestion, absorption and assimilation. Fire is associated with light and vision. Fire is intelligence. It is necessary for transformation, comprehension, appreciation, recognition and understanding. Fire is also responsible for anger, hatred, envy, criticism, ambition and competitiveness.


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