Organic Food for Women

8 Jan

organic food 5

Female bodies and brains are physically different than male bodies and brains; Female are much more sensitive to the artificial hormones and pesticides crammed into many commercial food products, which can harm a woman’s body structure, skin and reproductive system. With the growing concern of pollution and pesticides, many more people are eating organic foods. It’s quite obvious that food lacking in chemical contamination will be better for you than food with such toxic residues. That’s why about seventy percent of Americans buy organic food occasionally and nearly one quarter buy it every week, according to the Hartman Group, a market research firm.

The organic foods markets are expanding to globalization with annual growth rate of 15 to 30 percentages especially in Europe countries, United States and Japan. Sales have been growing in the double-digits over the past decade. There is a common misconception that only yoga practitioners, fitness trainer or health conscious women eat organic foods. But the fact is that, despite the small market share, the United States is now the largest market for organic food in the world eclipsing Germany, the previous leader. Even though organic food has a greater market share in Germany, the US is a much bigger market.

Organic foods may not always be available or affordable; some cost an estimated 10 to 40 percent more–a steep price hike, especially in this economy. But do not forget that it will reduce your healthcare cost. Some organic foods are worth the extra money because they’ve been proven safer, tastier, and more nutritious than the conventionally grown kinds. But they won’t make you thin or guarantee good health for life. Your neighborhood farmers’ market or farm stand is a great place to find affordable organic products as well as dairy, eggs and meat.

The European Union issued a ban on all meat from animals treated with growth sex hormones in 1989. Choosing organic foods without GSHs helps you minimize these risks.  Phytonutrients, believed to lower risk of cancer and heart disease, occur naturally in plants. Women can easily reduce the risk of these diseases by eating organic foods and avoiding packaged foods. One of the main individual benefits of eating organic is that there are no pesticide residues on your food. In 1995, U.S. farmers applied 566 million pounds of pesticides to food crops and growing fields. Although much of it runs off farms and into your drinking water, a fair portion of it finds its way to your table. So women should try to eat organic foods not only for themselves but also for their babies. And the good news is that the total number of Organic food eaters, including Yoga practitioners, fitness trainers, meditation instructors, students, executives and housewives, is increasing rapidly.


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