General Yoga Class Planning

7 Jan

yoga class

Every yoga class needs a plan – one that includes the particular yoga poses that you shall focus on, an opening and closing sequence, as well as an array of poses that are accessible for all ability levels in your class.

If you have students with physical limitations or disabilities, or students who are pregnant, you should be sure to plan accordingly, and determine which props you intend to use. In addition, give some thought to which challenging poses you might include, so that you class is also stimulating for your advanced students.

Class planning – though sometimes a chore – can also be a very enjoyable and creative experience. Prior to getting started, be sure to carefully select the music that you will be using in your class. The music should be soothing and wordless, and should complement the rhythm of the asanas you will be practicing. Decide whether you would like to burn incense or candles, and give some thought to how you wish to arrange the lighting in your class room throughout your session.

Also decide how you wish to incorporate meditation into your class – particularly during the opening and closing sequences, as this allows to students to prepare, relax, and achieve greater focus. To begin with, there are particular logic why some yoga asana sequences feel better than others. Sequencing dilemmas can be avoid by considering a number of different factors. Listed in no particular order because they must all be considered together, they are: the position of the spine in the postures; the effects of first shortening, then toning muscles; the emotional/psychological effects of posture selection; and basic choreography principles.

You will soon find that those with a passion for yoga practice can quickly develop a similar passion for yoga class planning. You should complement your readings here with independent research – as class planning for yoga is an ongoing process of learning and creativity for teachers.


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