An Introduction to SUP Yoga

2 Jan

sup yoga

It seems everyone these days is enjoying, or would like to experience the joy and excitement of SUP yoga. SUP yoga? Yes, SUP yoga. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling (SUP). This is a new type of yoga where yogis practice some specific yoga poses on paddling board. Anyone can begin practicing yoga postures on a paddleboard, especially in flat water. SUP yoga is easier and more fun than you might guess. Yoga and Stand-up Paddle Boarding are the perfect complement to each other.


Like Surfing Yoga, Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) first developed in the beaches of Hawaii during early 60s and began to make inroads on the mainland about 10 years ago. Soon some experts realized that it’s a great way to have fun with yoga practice outside the studio. But the most important things that attract a lot of yogis is the health and psychological benefits of SUP yoga. SUP Yoga will tone your core, build your stability and provide you with a fun learning environment to play. That’s why a lot of yoga studios, especially in Costa Rica and USA, have started offering SUP yoga.

sup yoga2

SUP yoga is a real excitement. Here you use a stand up paddleboard as your yoga mat; the whole universe is your studio and sun, wind and water are your companion. Enjoy practicing yoga while continually adjusting and readjusting your position to the motion of the board, the continuous challenge to balance, the instant instability created by minor energy and weight shifts, and the focus required to ground while afloat. Since the SUP board is large enough to work as a yoga mat (and sturdy enough to support someone standing on it) it is only a matter of time before yogis started to discover the ways it challenged their practice and experience the challenge of balancing on the moving water and strengthen and feel the core and leg muscles more than they would in traditional yoga asanas. Whether you are a first-time paddler or seasoned athlete, practicing yoga on a Stand-up paddle board (SUP) will improve your workout by increasing balance, flexibility and achieve overall whole-body fitness.


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