Surfing Yoga

1 Jan

surfing yoga

Yoga is a widely known generic term for physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines which developed in ancient India. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning to yoke, join or unite. But what to unite? With what? Yoga is the ultimate way to unite the body with mind and mind with soul. Yoga helps us achieve a happy, balanced and successful life. On the other hand surfing is the sport or pastime of being carried to the shore on the crest of large waves while standing or lying on a surfboard. In addition to being a dynamic sport which can be practiced by people at all levels of ability, surfing is also associated with a specific surfing subculture which some people aim to emulate. But what’s the relation between Yoga and Surfing?

It’s obvious that the two disciplines complement each other physically. Yoga and surfing intersect on the mental, physical and spiritual planes. Both require strength, flexibility, and a lot of balance. The physical benefits of yoga also complement the flexibility and power needed to have maximum fun and prevent injuries when surfing. The yoga stretches and techniques could be done before and after the surf session. Surfers will boost their energy, stability, endurance, confidence and performance while keeping extremely focused for each single wave. In yoga, you learn not to force any pose, but to find the depth of the pose in the moment. In surfing, you learn that you can’t force a wave or a set. Instead, you practice being fully in the moment and in tune with the current so you can catch a wave.

Yoga can help surfers condition their bodies for better balance and flexibility, prime their core strength, and help them focus on riding wave after challenging wave. Even if the philosophy behind yoga does not appeal to you, the physical benefits are useful for surfers of all levels. Yoga is a great way to improve your enjoyment and increase your learning curve in the water. Yoga for surfers is a modern, dynamic and challenging style of yoga that targets certain parts of the body that could be operating more effectively. It’s a combination of Corrective yoga and Asana.


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