Secrets of Tantra Yoga

31 Dec

tantra yoga

Tantra Yoga is a yogic discipline that explains the universe from the point of view of individual. It explores the whole through the study of minute. Tantra Yoga incorporates the teaching of different disciplines including yoga, astrology, alchemy and chemistry. It also includes bio-mechanics of different body movement. It explores human life through different perspectives and means. But Tantra Yoga does not try to separate and categorize the different areas of human knowledge; rather it tries to implement all the teaching gathered from different disciplines.

Tantra Yoga focuses on the tree of life itself instead of limiting itself to any single branch of the tree. This tree, a great organization of diverse elements linked together by a unifying law, is the key understanding point of human life. Tantra explores each and every aspect of this universal law. There are three states of human consciousness-waking state, dream state or sleep state. Tantra Yoga aims to expand awareness in all states of consciousness.

There is a common misconception that Tantra Yoga is all about sexuality. But Tantra yoga is not concerned with sexuality. Tantra yoga is concerned with the creative force. It’s a sacred path for transmuting this force or energy into higher channels. Sometimes self-styled teachers have misconstrued the symbolism of tantra yoga into sex practices for men and women.

Tantric yoga, which has become popular in the United States, stresses the idea that a great vein runs from the lowest part of the spine, where the serpent power, Kundalini, rests, to the highest and most psychic center, the mind, symbolized by the lotus. Tantra caught on the cultural radar of mainstream America in 1989, when Margot Anand published The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. But even before Anand’s ascent to the best-seller lists made Tantra a household word, other writers and workshop leaders had been mining Eastern sexual and spiritual teachings and mixing them with elements of Western sexology, psychotherapy, and New Age self-transformational techniques. Yoga not only deepens our connectedness, but it also recharges our energy and peaceful feelings throughout the day and expands our awareness with our partners and the universe.


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