Biomechanics of Bidalasana

26 Dec

cat pose 3


Attention to the flexion of the spine in both directions. Synchronize the movement of the spine with the appropriate breath. Create a strong massage of the internal organs of the lower torso.


Mula Bandha is created during the completion of the exhalation as the spine arches upward, which then protects the lumbar spine as it arches downward during the inhalation.Uddiyana Bandha is created using thoracic horizontal breath inhalation as the navel drops towards the floor and the spine arches downward, the scapulas retract towards the spine to open and expand the anterior ribcage. Jalandhara bandha can be created by drawing the chin towards the junction of the clavicles, lengthening and opening the posterior cervical spine.


The hip joint is used as the pivot point for the pelvis, which are the foundation of the spine and the instigator of spinal movement in this asana. The intention of this asana is that as the spine flexes upward when you exhale and downward as you inhale, it is supported by and pivots from both the hips and the shoulders. As the spine arches upward when you exhale, the heels of the hands are screwed into the floor towards each other to lock the elbows, co-activate the muscles of the arms and to draw the scapulas away from the spine. When the spine arches downward when you inhale, the hands stop screwing into the floor releasing the co-activation of the muscles of the arms allowing the scapulas to be drawn in towards the spine.


This yoga asana is energizing for Kapha Doshas.


While practicing this yoga pose focus upon Manipura Chakra and the element of Fire.


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