24 Dec

children with spl need

Yoga may seem a surprising choice of activity for children with autism, ADHD, and other special needs but I am here to assure you that Yoga, when modified for the children with special needs, works wonders. Yoga can not only influence these children’s behaviors but also improves their moods.

Children with ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and on the autistic spectrum are some of those special children for whom yoga can provide a world of benefit. However, teaching such kids yoga can be quite a challenge. However, all children are capable of learning and expressing. Yoga can help special needs children deal with day-to-day challenges and be immensely beneficial to build body awareness and inner calm.

Sequences should be based on the child’s physical and emotional needs. There is no specific routine that can be identified for a child with special needs, however, starting slow and going steady is the rule of thumb.

Pranayama and relaxation yoga are less overwhelming to such children and can be used as adaptive sessions. Later more challenging asanas should be introduced. Every special child is different and requires different postures to achieve a certain physical and emotional balance. It is important to create a lesson plan for such children but also to leave room for creative and intuitive teaching.

Just like any other children, children with physical ad intellectual disabilities need fun yoga. So introducing games and plays will encourage the child to enjoy the learning process. Patience is another key skill that teachers must possess while imparting yoga knowledge.

Yoga, when modified as gentle and therapeutic, is beneficial for babies and children with Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Autism and other developmental disabilities. These types of yoga also provide an useful treatment for children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD and Learning Disabilities.


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