Pregnancy-Intentions and themes for meditation

20 Dec

pregnancy meditation

When we meditate, we can choose our own personal intentions or goals according to our needs and intuition. Below are some ideas for themes and visualisations that may benefit pregnant mothers and their babies.

Love Visualize a beautiful white or golden light. Breathe in the golden light to your heart centre and practice feeling your heart centre open and expand with love. Send the love as a beautiful golden light from your heart to the heart of you baby. Practice feeling the connection of energy flowing between you, nurturing you both.

Peace The baby in your womb is responsive to your inner environment as you are responsive to the outer environment. Cultivating internal and external environments of peace and tranquility will calm and nourish both you and your baby. Practice meditating on images of peace and tranquility. Imagine a beautiful, calm ocean, with a gentle breeze and soft sunlight. See yourself floating on this ocean, supported on a deep sea of tranquility. Allow a sense of peace to flow though you to your baby and feel yourselves floating together: calm, held and safe.

Letting Go As we prepare for parenthood, many old fears, beliefs and remembered experiences may rise up, providing us with the opportunity to examine whether they serve us and, if not, to let them go. In meditation, set a conscious intention to let go of anything you are holding onto that no longer serves you. Breathe in love and breathe out fear, anxiety, tension and old beliefs.

Trust Pregnancy is a very individual experience and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. An important aspect of the journey to motherhood is learning to trust ourselves and have faith in our own wisdom and intuition as mothers. Practice breathing in the courage and confidence to trust yourself and your own deep inner knowing. Breathe out fear and mistrust. Yoga do not need yoga breathing, just breathe normally.

Energy and Connection As you meditate, practice drawing up the energy of the earth to energize and revitalize you. Draw up energy from the earth and allow it to gather in a ball at your base chakra. Watch the ball of energy glow red and begin to spin. Hold this image for a minute or two and then release. Now practice drawing the energy from the base of your spine and sending it to any part of your body that needs healing or revitalizing. Send it to your baby. Now draw the energy from the your base all the way up your spine and allow it to spill out the crown of your head, enveloping you in a beautiful bright light. Meditation and Yoga are the two best way to create an inner connection with your baby.


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