19 Dec


Meditation and visualizations are a beautiful way for women to relax, release anxiety and connect with the baby in the womb. Meditation is a wonderful tool to develop a nourishing, loving relationship with the child inside. Pregnancy is also a time of deep spiritual transformation for the mother and is a wonderful opportunity to let go of old fears and anxieties.

The practice:

Take a comfortable seated position, or lie on your side. In early pregnancy, you may feel comfortable lying in savasana, but in later pregnancy this is unlikely to be comfortable for long periods of time. Use pillows, blankets or bolsters as necessary.

Close your eyes and set a conscious intention to remain aware and awake for the duration of the meditation, 15-30 minutes at a time. At this time, consciously set a resolution or intention for the practice and focus on your intention for a moment.

Become aware of your breath and commence whole body breathing.

Begin to bring your attention to each part of the body, become aware of it, then consciously relax it.

Take your attention to the right thumb, become aware of it, then release it and relax it. Pause for a moment, then take your attention to your first finger, become aware, then release and relax it.

Continue this process for your whole body – fingers, palms, wrists, forearm, elbow, upper arm shoulder, side of the body, hip, knee, calf, feet, toes etc. Repeat the procedure for the left side of your body, the back of the body, front of the body, head and face.

When the body is completely relaxed, focus on the natural in and out flow of the breath and repeat your intention or resolution quietly in your mind. In this wonderful receptive state, our minds are able to set powerful healing and great changes in motion. You feel like you are doing Yoga savasana.

After 5-10 minutes, gently move the fingers and toes, then slowly stretch the arms and legs. Bring the knees up to the chest, roll onto your right side and slowly return to sitting.


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