Kids Yoga Poses

19 Dec

kids yoga 1

Some of the animal poses children of all ages can do are:

Downward dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) This poses involves full body stretching and can be used for warming up session. Walking the legs out or even ‘peeing’ three legged dog hold interest.

Simhasana or lion’s pose is good for stretching the body as well as getting the blood circulation going. This pose is almost like making funny faces and roaring like a lion at the same time

•Cobra (Bhujangasana) is great for flexing the spine. This pose will correct the child’s posture and keep the backbone healthy. PreGteens can be taught to do this as part of sun salutation session.

kids yoga 2

•Cat pose or bidalasana is a fun pose. This pose could be accompanied by mewing and hissing to make it more fun.

•Vriksasana or the tree pose is a simple pose to teach the child to balance on one leg. Teachers and partners can get creative and modify the pose to form swaying trees.

•Butterfly pose (Poorna titali asana) is great for knees and thighs. This poses can be made fun by using attractive butterfly costumes and relaxing music.

•Tabletop pose (Purvottanasana) and crab walking from bridge pose help to build upper body strength. Children can pretend to be a bridge and other children can pretend to be a crocodile or other animal and swim under them keeping children engaged.

kids yoga 4

Dolphin or shark pose is good for stretching the spine and achieving bodyGbalance.

Many children adopt frog pose  mandukasana  as their usual floor sitting position. This posture increases the pancreatic function.

Other poses kids like are:

Child’s pose or balasana is simple spine stretching pose and is also very relaxing.

•Star pose is fun and can be done with umpteen numbers of props. It is also a great baby yoga pose.

kids yoga 5

Modified Uttanasana or rag doll pose engages the body in a full forward bend with a bit of slack and bent knees.

•Warrior II pose Virabhadrasana II  is also a great children’s yoga pose and can be modified for use with props.

•Warrior 3 pose (Virabhadrasana III) or locus pose (shalambasana) can become superhero pose, perfect to fit into a story theme.



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