Pregnancy Vocal Toning and Brahmari Breathing

18 Dec

Working with the breath is possibly the most essential aspect of prenatal yoga. In yoga we use our breath to tune into our inner awareness, to connect with our bodies and to withdraw our senses from the outside world. We use the breath to calm, centre and relax. Allowing the length of the breath to naturally extend and focusing on the exhalation activates the parasympathetic nervous system which floods our body with calm.

Vocal toning

Vocal Toning

Vocal toning involves vocalizing on the exhalation. This practice anchors our attention and calms and focuses the mind. Repetitive sound is reassuring for both mother and baby and helps us to open the body and let go of anxiety.

The practice:

  • •Sit in a comfortable seated position and commence whole body breathing.
  • •On the exhalation, allow yourself to make a soft sound for the length of the exhalation. Start with vowel sounds, aaaahhh, eeeehh, ooohhh etc. and notice the different feelings each sound creates within your body.
  • •Practice making sounds from different places in the body and experience the different sensations. Draw sound from your chest, then rom your throat, then from your nasal cavity. Find tones which feel good for you.
  • •Vocal toning may also be practiced with a partner. Partners can tone together, or the birth partner can tone while the pregnant mother aligns her breathing with the toning or vice versa. These practices bring  partners’ energy into alignment.


Vocal toning2

Brahmari Breathing

Brahmari is the ‘humming bee’ yoga breath. Brahmari is thought to be soothing and nourishing for pregnant mothers and babies.

The practice:

  • •Sit in a comfortable seated position and commence whole body breathing.
  • •Inhale through both nostrils and then exhale making a humming sound like a bee
  • •Allow the length of the breath to extend naturally and without force, humming until the body is empty of breath and then inhaling again
  • •Practice for 5 minutes each day.

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