Biomechanics of CORPSE POSE (Savasana)

16 Dec

savasana 2


Chidakesha where the eyes are closed but the mind is looking at the centre of the forehead and the tongue is rolled up into Kechari Mudra


Bandhas are not activated or applied in Savasana because the intention of this asana is to soften and relax the body both internally and externally.


Biomechanics do not apply to Savasana because the body is totally relaxed supported by the floor, there are no levers or loads created in this asana and the muscles of the entire physical body are sot and relaxed. This pose relaxes the entire physical body which is supported by the floor and Calms the mind inducing surrender and release. Savasana is the physical foundation for Yoga nidra. It allows deep abdominal vertical breathing that promotes the PNS parasympathetic nervous system. This pose aids digestion and believed to balance the Doshas. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the body.


Savasana reduces Vata Dosha which will benefit from the eyes and ears being covered, Savasana reduces Pitta Dosha which will benefit from the physical body cooling in this asana and Savasana promotes Kapha Dosha which needs to avoid falling asleep in this yoga asana.


Focus upon drawing Shakti (kundalini) energy up from the base Chakra Muladhara up through each individual Chakra, Svadhistana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna enhancing the quality of each individual Chakra until it fills the crown Chakra Sahasrara the abode of Shiva who represents consciousness.


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